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BEST Virtual Tarot Reading: Phone, Chat, Email or Text Messaging?

People seek to get the most for their buck when it comes to tarot reading. No one wants to spend their money on low quality services which end up being a total waste of time in the long run.

I’ve already explained how to avoid fakes. Today my goal is to share some light on the existing types of virtual tarot reading, which these days are either chat, phone, email or even text messaging. Many of us still don’t know which one offers the best tarot reading experience.

Good Old Phone Tarot Reading

Phone tarot readings have been in practice ever since the appearance of the phone. Their popularity increased over time as people didn’t want to reveal their identity, especially when looking for answers to quite uncomfortable issues. Tarot readings via phone are still in high demand these days. However, the main problem with these is the lack of eye contact between you and the medium, which I believe to be important, especially when searching for truly accurate answers, which of course require a strong spiritual connection. Eye contact helps and tarot phone reading doesn’t have it.

Chat Tarot Reading

The internet totally revolutionized all kind of psychic readings, especially tarot. It also brought solutions for people who are less social and may be afraid to pick up the phone in order to get spiritual guidance from a medium. This all ended with the appearance of chat tarot reading, also known as virtual tarot, which offers anyone the chance to find answers to their questions using just a connection to the internet. The nice part about getting a tarot reading via chat is the fact that you don’t have to speak (very useful for people who are not able to) and can type in your questions. In most of the cases, the psychic will have a webcam pointed on him or her for you to be able to make eye contact. Revealing your face or partial identity is optional. Turning on your computer’s microphone for them to be able to hear your voice is also up to you.

Email Tarot Reading

Another popular choice is getting tarot readings via email, but personally I don’t like this method for one simple reason – it’s delayed. In other words, it cannot provide live instant answers to your questions and if I were to choose the best type of virtual tarot readings I would probably stay away from email and even the next one which is…

Tarot Reading via Texting

It may be a good one when you are on the go, but once again, the answers are delayed and many people don’t like that, especially in the era of smartphones, when we can easily connect to our preferred medium via a website that has the chat functionality or even call whenever necessary. Yes, it kind of appears to be silent and partially anonymous, but in the end, it’s about getting the right solutions to your spiritual issues and not keeping your identity in total secrecy. After all, we are all one and cannot hide from the truth.

A psychic medium is there to offer help and unveil answers exposed by the tarot cards, no matter what type of virtual tarot reading you choose. The best one is up to you. As there are different kinds of people, there are different preferences. It all depends on how social you are and how far you want to go in your research. Nevertheless, I believe creating a strong connection between you and the reader is quite important. My personal two favorites are phone and chat tarot reading.