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Tarot SPREADS: Love, Relationship, Celtic Cross and More Free Spreads

The secret of a truly insightful tarot card reading experience that may reveal interesting aspects of the reality which surrounds you lies in properly choosing the tarot spreads to work with. Today I’m going to introduce our readers to the most common tarot card spreads. Let’s hope this will help you get started on this subject and provide the basic information required to fully understand what doing free tarot spreads at home is all about.

Tarot Card Spreads for Beginners

Even though it takes time to practice and understand your psychic reading abilities, constantly waiting for the perfect time to start doing this yourself via the art of tarot is a trap. Anyone can do it anytime, it just takes some courage to get started and of course you should not be afraid of making mistakes and constantly improving. With that being said, let’s share some light on several of the basic tarot card spreads you may indeed feel comfortable to start working with.

Three Card Spread – One of the easiest to understand spreads. Just shuffle the cards and make sure you divide the deck into 3 equal parts. Focus on the question meanwhile. Now choose one single card from each pile and lay it on the table with the face upwards. From this point on, the outcome is quite simple. The card on the left is related to the history associated with the question. The one on the center stands for the current scenario of the discussed situation and the one on the right is all about the possible outcome.

Four Card Spread – When doing a four card tarot spread, make sure to concentrate on the question the moment you start shuffling cards. Next choose four cards from the top of the deck and lay them face down on the table, left to right. The obvious next step is to flip the cards in order to reveal which one you will be dealing with and using your intuition and psychic abilities, correctly interpret their meaning. Once again we are dealing with a special order: the past, present, probable future and the specific answer to your question.

While starters may feel like limiting themselves to these two basic tarot card spreads while practicing is a good idea, those of you who are a little bit more advanced should definitely go deeper into more mystical and occult spreads, some of which we are going to refer next in this article.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen!

24 Card Spread – In this case, we are looking at deciphering the crisis issues through out the walk of life, using either 1st of January, your birthday or any other significant anniversary date. The first step is to select two cards for each month either by blind draw or intentionally. As this particular tarot spread is most often used to solve personal confusion issues, both ways are practiced and have quite a powerful symbolism. When doing the 24 card spread, the tarot cards are placed in a big circle, the first drawn card representing the main issue of the month and the second one a solution.

Astrological Spread – For a really cool and detailed explanation of this spread, please click here.

Celtic Cross Spread – It is said this particular spread appeared as a modification of spread in the form of a type of cross mostly used in continental Europe. There are many variations of the Celtic cross spread, but each one of them follow the pattern which you can find on this page.

Elemental Spread – This tarot spread is inspired by the idea that each known element like Fire, Water, Earth & Air corresponds to a very important area of human life. For more information, I invite you to read this article on tarotpedia.

Horse Shoe Spread – There are quite a few variations of the horse shoe spread so I invite you to check them out on this page. I wanted to write about them here directly, then realized it still won’t be as cool as on the above mentioned source. So check it out.

Rainbow Spread – This one uses 7 cards, each one corresponding to one of the colors of the rainbow. Next, each color is basically associated with an area of life which belongs to the person’s personality or lifestyle. Read more here.

Spheres of Life Spread – To be honest, I never correctly understood this spread so I invite you to read a full article on this particular tarot card spreads by clicking here.

Yin/Yang Spread – My favorite and probably one of the most easiest and effective. It’s all about duality. Learn more.

Folks, choosing a certain tarot spread is done based on the intuition and psychic abilities of the reader. Some mediums prefer certain spreads while others use just one for love readings (ex: love tarot spreads). At the end of the day, all of them provide powerful symbolism when used with the right intention in mind and of course, when asking the correct questions.