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What is Tarot Card Reading? Real vs. Cheap vs. Fake Tarot Online

Tarot reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings that mediums and clairvoyants practice nowadays. The history of these cards dates back from Europe’s 15th century. At the beginning, they were used for game and entertainment purposes only. Psychic tarot readings gained popularity later though, in the 18th and 19th century and became widely used for fortune telling.

Psychics perform tarot readings using a very symbolic deck of cards with specific drawings. Some people may find it a little similar to the one used in cartomancy, which usually contains 52 cards. Usually, a tarot reader searches for various subtle energies and patterns that help interpret a current difficult situation someone is going through or sometimes even uncover aspects of the future.

Various cultures around the world make use of various decks of tarot cards, with slightly different drawings and symbols. Nevertheless, the most popular deck for tarot reading is the one which contains 78 cards: 56 are known as “minor arcana” and the rest 22 are called “major arcana”. Images associated with major events and influences in your life are included in the major arcana. Here you’ll find famous cards such as the Emperor, the Lovers, the Fool and the Magician.

A tarot reading requires the practitioner to lay the cards in different spreads. This depends not only on the question you ask, but also on how the reader feels it would be the most revealing. Shedding light on your particular situation is only possible after the psychic doing the reading observes the exact order in which the cards appear. Here are some things that a medium doing tarot reading usually considers before unveiling you anything: how cards appear next to each other, their position, are cards major or minor arcana and even which side of the spread certain cards appear on.

Due to its powerful psychic nature, tarot reading can be used for nearly any question or situation. As of lately, online tarot readings have gained a huge popularity, since it has been proven multiple times already there is no difference between visiting a medium in person or doing it via a webcam on the internet.

However, one must learn to stay away from confidence artists that claim to know the art of tarot reading, but in reality are there just for scamming people for their time and money.

Real vs. Cheap vs. Fake Tarot Online

People searching for real tarot reading and readers have either been lied to or scammed in the past or are really afraid of that happening to them in the future. Victims of fake online psychic tarot readings should avoid extremely private, less known psychics and mediums and choose more wisely those platforms on which they find them. Do your investigation on the website of your choice and see wherever you can find some testimonials. Check what people are saying about them on tarot forums. A general rule of thumb would be to go with the most popular communities of psychic readers and mediums. Also, if it looks too cheap to be true it probably isn’t.

However, it’s good to know that even trusted high quality websites offering tarot reading services online DO offer free tarot readings. Usually these are the first 3 minutes of getting in contact in talking to your chosen medium.