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Tarot DECKS: The Mystery behind Buying the Famous Tarot Deck

There are quite a few tarot decks for sale out there. Wait; there are hundreds of tarot card decks. No, stop! There are even thousands of different decks for tarot reading available for purchase both online and in your local mystical shop. So which one should you choose? Which one should you buy? Why is there so much secrecy and hype around buying the perfect deck of tarot cards these days?

Choosing the Wrong Deck?

Well, the number one thing people who are into tarot are afraid of is choosing the wrong deck, for obviously unexplainable reasons. In most of the cases they have no clue why a deck of tarot cards would be necessary at that particular point in their life. And I’m not talking about professional tarot readers who possess very high skill level of psychic abilities. I’m talking about amateurs that want to get into tarot, but have no clue where to start from.

The Mighty Confusion

While everything was quite simple in the old days, when everyone could easily choose between 2 or 3 TV cable stations, one car color and at most 2 types of tarot decks, these days everything changed. Now it’s all in the hundreds – best case scenario. That’s why everyone is so confused when thinking about buying the right deck of tarot cards for their needs. However, what I’m about to say next will probably ease this task for everyone once and for all.

Mainstream vs. Limited Edition Tarot Card Decks

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not about the type of tarot cards with certain specific drawings done differently than mainstream ones, it’s not about how limited that deck of cards is, it’s not about the person who previously owned them – that’s for sure. No matter what type of reading you want to get them for, it’s always, always, always YOUR INTUITION and the Querent’s question that matters most, not the way cards where build themselves.

Buy Expensive Tarot Decks?

With that being said, a good tarot reader will be able to reveal the truth about certain shaky aspects of your life with the most basic type of tarot decks, no matter if it costs $150 USD or a few pennies. The price or the manufacturer doesn’t matter as much as the one holding them in his or her hands and doing the reading.

Time – Don’t Waste it!

Stop wasting your time and once again simply follow your intuition when buying your deck of tarot cards or choose the one that pleases you most, esthetically. Another thing to take into consideration is of course price. So knowing there might be a ton of scams and fake “limited edition” decks on the market, just choose something you can easily afford and go for it.


Remember, there is no mystery behind the famous tarot card deck unless we intentionally or unintentionally create it on our own. Work on developing your inner psychic abilities, work on your skill – that’s the most important part. A deck of cards is just a tool, like any other tool around your household, used to get the job done.