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FREE Tarot Reading Online: Are FREE Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

You will be blown away to discover how many people are actually looking, every single day of the week, for free tarot reading online. According to New York Times, around 20.000 searches per hour occur from people who want a real tarot psychic to tell them more about their future or love life, totally free of charge.

On the other hand, the truth is that what people are stumbling upon when seeking free tarot services on the internet is just websites that run scripts auto-programmed to spread tarot cards for you. In other words, people fall prey to fake tarot readings displayed randomly by a computer, not a true medium. How accurate can such a free tarot reading be? And who will be there for you to interpret the meanings of the cards, unless you are a psychic reader yourself?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t even makes sense to talk about the accuracy of such free online tarot reading scripts since there is no real person, no feeling, no connection to a higher entity, no spirits, no angels, no nothing. There can’t be any accuracy there. Most free tarot online is just pure fluff. There are several exceptions however. Let’s hear them.

Websites Offering “Free 3 Minutes” Tarot Reading

Even super talented psychics that pride themselves for extra sharp accuracy of the facts they constantly unveil via tarot reading are humans and need to eat, need to make a living, need to survive. The internet has given them a chance to help struggling people directly from their home.

Now, even though you will have to pay in order to chat, call or text them, quite a few of these mediums DO provide around 3 minutes of free tarot reading in order to prove they are worthy to help you; and in most of cases you will be shocked by how accurate the stuff they are able to reveal in just those 3 free minutes is; I bet you will demand to continue the reading afterwards and ask even more questions.

Free Tarot Reading Lottery

There are a couple psychic reading platforms out there who indeed offer totally free access to their tarot experts. However, what they do is a little bit tricky, but it does make sense to me. It’s basically a lottery and in order to get in and have a chance of winning those 20 or 30 minutes of 100% free tarot online you have to enter your name, email and in several cases your phone number. Even though this information is necessary for them to be able to contact them in case you win the free tarot lottery, sometimes they may use it to send newsletters, keep you informed on the latest psychics who joined the program and offer you discounts for future tarot readings. It’s a win-win situation in my opinion and it makes sense to try.

Tarot cards are indeed very powerful and can deliver amazing answer in the hands of a truly gifted medium. However, you have to understand that people who possess psychic abilities and are able to perform really accurate tarot readings are not obliged in any way, form or fashion to do it free of charge. They need to make a living somehow and if helping other people is what they have chosen to do in life, via the art of tarot card reading, I believe we have to respect and pay them for their work.

Finding some secret, less known service that offers free tarot reading online always sounds enticing, but the truth has already been exposed on this page. If you stumble upon something totally free, it’s probably fake and therefore total crap. That’s why I suggest going with legitimate services provided by real psychics who do very accurate tarot card readings that will help you learn more about your past, future and love life.