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What Are Psychic Readings?

We’ve all seen them on TV and in the movies—psychics giving readings to clients, helping them communicate with friends and relatives who have passed; giving advice and guidance—but relatively few of us have probably had direct contact with a psychic or had a reading ourselves. Basically psychic readings are what the ancients knew as divination and the practice goes back thousands of years. Although modern skeptics term a psychic reading to be “pseudoscience” and have pointed out that no scientific study of human beings has revealed precognitive ability in our species, the practice remains popular in the public consciousness.

Psychics are people who claim some ability with Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) which may manifest as clairvoyance (seeing visions or images of people, places and things), clairaudience (the ability to hear voices paranormal in origin); clairsentience (feelings) and claircognisance (or factual knowledge about people, places, events, etc. that the psychic should have no personal information about).

When a psychic reading involves communication with “the spirit world” or “spirit”, the psychic involved is generally referred to as a medium. A medium facilitates communication between a departed person (or animal in some cases) and the client. Mediums are said to contact and “channel” spirit; they have belief in life after death and the persistence of personality beyond the grave. A medium and a psychic are not mutually exclusive; a number claim to be both, although just being psychic doesn’t mean you are automatically a medium.

Psychic readings can be conducted in person; over the telephone and in our digital age, via email, texting and online chats. Readings may involve astrology; tarot cards; palm reading; psychometry (which requires the psychic to be in physical contact with– usually by touching and holding — an object associated with the focus of the reading;); rune stones; aura reading; playing card reading and crystals as tools and aids to the process, or may simply involve verbal communication between the psychic and client. With the advent of webcams, a face to face real-time reading can be conducted over vast distances;

Some claim that psychics have no paranormal abilities, but rather are gifted with creative intuition. Whatever the source of their “ability”, enough people are satisfied with the authenticity of readings, the knowledge of events and people that cannot be gleaned from other sources such as public records, internet search engines and so on that they reject skeptical refutations.

After all, there are many things in the world that cannot be quantified, ( including the existence of God and the powers of faith and prayer,) that we do well to proceed cautiously, be alert for bogus psychics just trying to make a quick buck, but not completely reject the possibility of enhanced perception.

Psychic readings are generally conducted for a fee, in whatever form the reading takes, in person, telephonic or digitally. Upfront payment carries some risk, because a psychic’s bona fides are not always available and unless the psychic entity or business offers a money back guarantee, if no satisfactory information comes through in the reading, the money may be forfeit. It is advisable not to attempt a reading if the fee is not one you can easily pay, and don’t go into a meeting with the attitude that you’d better get your money’s worth. Fixed perceptions generally affect outcomes, if you’re too fixated on the value of the information you receive, you’ll likely be disappointed, as real life rarely matches our expectations.

The best way to have a successful psychic reading is to go into it with an open mind and heart, with no fixed expectations. If your reading doesn’t involve some sort of valuable information, chalk the cost up to life experience and move on.