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Psychic PREDICTIONS: Psychic Predictions vs. Readings, Is There a Difference?

It is a widespread belief about psychics that they foretell the future. It is however, entirely possible to have a psychic reading that says nothing about specific coming events; and that lack is not a fatal one. Psychics work in the present in order to help you manage your future because of the concept of free will. They offer insights into current stresses and patterns which a client may be too distracted to see in themselves and which can affect future events.

Some psychics actually refuse to do psychic predictions, because so many people are fearful of them, as well as because of the mutability of the future.

In one of the original Star Wars movies, Jedi Master Yoda stated: “Always in motion is the future.” Despite its fantastical origin, the essence of that statement is true. A change in thinking today can affect whether or not a certain event comes to pass. The insight received during a psychic reading can cause modification of a behavior or action, which again has influence on the likelihood of certain consequences of that behavior or action occurring down the road.

Things we do today can and to affect things that happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Sometimes we are on paths that we don’t recognize the consequences of; a psychic is particularly helpful in bringing our focus and attention to potential outcomes. Sometimes just the awareness of a consequence can prevent it from coming to pass.

Oftentimes what compels us to seek the services of a psychic is our own intuitions about our lives; in this instance a psychic can advise us if our intuition is sound and validate what we already know to be true in our hearts.

It must also be mentioned, that just as we possess free will, so does everyone else whose lives touch ours, and their exercise of free will can impact the outcomes in our lives. If someone we are attracted to does not reciprocate those feelings, no matter how positive the signs, there will be no romantic connection forthcoming.

We can also unknowingly take actions that interfere with predictions made by a psychic in a reading. If the action takes place after our consultation, we shouldn’t be surprised that the action can effect a different outcome. A reading is really nothing more than a moment preserved in time affected only by influences leading up to it. Free will is such that any change subsequent to a reading, can shift the result.

Remember too, that psychics, no matter how gifted, are human too. They are not infallible; they do not know every detail of your life. It is important, once again to understand the role of your own intuition in these circumstances. If you leave a psychic reading with a gut feeling that runs counter to the psychic’s information; do not hesitate to give more weight to your own insight. You are the one living your life, you have the most information.

Intuition is an ethereal thing, both you and the psychic giving you the reading must interpret what is being sensed. Because of your greater knowledge of your life, it is likely that your interpretation will turn out to be the correct one.

A word of caution: you must be very careful to distinguish between what you want to happen, and what your gut is telling you is likely to happen. This is not an easy distinction to make but it is a vital one. And inability to separate a desired outcome from an intuitive outcome is the definition of denial. It is far too easy for us to ignore what we know is likely to happen because we are so in love with the idea of what we want to happen.

When denial takes over, we are not being true to ourselves, at best we are deluding ourselves, at worst we are manipulating ourselves.