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Psychic NETWORK REVIEWS: Discover Famous Psychics & Psychic Websites

There are a number of websites on the internet that are devoted to reviewing and evaluating psychic network services and psychic websites.

Some of the most useful psychic reviews come from sites that combine both written reviews from actual psychic clients along with more objective information about features, such as minimum credit charges, cost per minute, payment methods accepted and availability of services such as astrology, numerology and tarot readings. These sites also provide information on how many psychics are employed by various psychic services; availability of psychics for readings (24/7 or standard business hours) and other tangible information that can aid the consumer in comparison shopping a psychic service.

There are other types of review sites as well, sometimes offered by independent bloggers, and others by psychics themselves. It is difficult to know in the case of any review site whether or not it is strictly objective, or sponsored by one or more of the listed psychic services. For this reason it is always prudent not to rely on the information from any one website, but survey a number of them and go with a consensus opinion. As with any other purchase, it is incumbent upon the consumer of a product or service to do their research before committing any funds.

Psychic Networks

Some of the better known psychic network sites include names like Psychic Sofa, Hollywood Psychics, Ask Now, Psychic Source, KEEEN, Psychic Center and California Psychics just to name a few. Many of these receive high marks on psychic network review sites, and favorable feedback from clients. They employ a high number of psychics, have established business histories and offer many of the most popular and sought after features, including search filters, individual psychic profiles, dream interpretation, tarot readings and so forth.

Virtually all of the most highly regarded online psychic services offer feedback and ratings of the psychics they employ and the websites they maintain. While not ironclad assurance of the legitimacy of the sites reviewed, these features help the consumer to make informed decisions before committing any money to one particular website or service.

While psychic networks are a popular means of obtaining individual psychic readings, many very famous psychics and psychic mediums maintain a presence on the internet with their own official websites, and may in some instances head up their own psychic network services.

Famous Psychics

One of the most famous psychics who maintains a current web presence is John Edwards psychic medium, who has written a number of books and hosted two television programs highlighting his abilities. He maintains an official website at which offers free newsletters and chances at private readings for the casual visitor, and a more exclusive package of benefits for those who pay a yearly fee of approximately $75 US to become members of the site.

Edwards is a very personable presence with a high likability rating among the public, but has also been the target of controversy. Various skeptical organizations have gone to great lengths to discredit Edwards and others like him, efforts aided by the fact that psychic and mediumship abilities are not scientifically quantifiable, any more than is the power of prayer or the existence of God.

Much criticism of famous psychics is based on imperfect understanding of what psychics actually do. In the case of Edwards, he claims to be a psychic medium, that is, a psychic who is able to communicate with the dead. He has been accused of both hot and cold reading and other mentalist trickery, but still maintains a generally positive reputation among the public, with many satisfied recipients of his readings on record testifying to his veracity.

The late psychic Sylvia Browne was ridiculed not long before her death for not correctly predicting certain future events, and most recently for having reported that one of the long term Ohio sex slave survivors was no longer living just a few years after her disappearance. Little is said about the times she was correct, how often she was able to bring comfort and solace to the bereaved or aid police in tracking down a killer. Rather like actors whose success is gauged by the box office returns of their last film, psychics are only as good as their most recent successful hits. Being wrong a few times is part of being human, a luxury not often allowed high profile psychics.

The prediction of future events is not something any psychic can do with 100% accuracy, if at all. Psychics cannot read minds or determine if certain specific events will come to pass. The natural law of free will dictates that future events are always in flux due to the exertion of free will by all human beings directly and indirectly involved with them. Truly, the best any psychic can do is providing guidance based on the snapshot in time during which a reading occurs. Does that render their abilities inconsequential? That is a question better left perhaps to those who have experienced and benefited from their services.

There are a number of famous psychics who like John Edwards have enjoyed a media presence. One of these is Lisa Williams psychic and healer who is the granddaughter of an equally famous British medium, Frances Glazebrook. Williams has hosted two televisions series on the Lifetime Cable Network: Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead (2006–2007) and Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side (2008). Williams has also written two books based on her life as a psychic, healer and medium.

Psychic Sally aka Sally Morgan is a British psychic, author and television personality. She has written several books and starred in at least three British television programs based on her abilities. She too has been a frequent target of debunkers in the U.K.. One attack involved several audience members of a live reading at a theatre claiming that they heard the voice of an off-stage male giving information to Sally via her microphone headset, which she repeated a few seconds later. The newspaper that published these claims was forced to retract the account and pay damages after it was proven that Sally’s microphone was able only to broadcast her voice, not receive messages and that the person supposedly feeding her information had no connection to Morgan or her team.

Fakes and Frauds?

Three of the most notorious and largely discredited psychics include, Tara Psychic and Medium; Gabriella Psychic and Psychic Nikki.

Gabriella is noted for sending unsolicited emails to individuals offering readings for a $20 donation. In the email, Gabriella identifies the correct location of the recipient, leading them to believe she might be genuine (rather than data gained via illegal spyware). Word on several consumer complaint sites is that Gabriella Psychic is in fact an automatic spam generator that sends the same email to a large number of potential victims. As is generally the case with spam emails, the intent is to solicit a direct donation or other personal financial information, with no reading intended. A close look at the fine print on Gabriella’s site will reveal that “she” is a fictional creation intended for entertainment purposes only”—a disclaimer by which the site owners hope to prevent lawsuits.

Similarly, Tara Psychic, Tara Medium or is widely reported to be another automated website which generates emails speaking of “negative energy” that can be removed for a fee. Tara proceeds to send daily emails which ratchet up the supposed looming threat, promising a magic ritual that only she can perform (for a price) is necessary to avert disaster. Other forms of this scam include promising large lottery winnings or selling a psychic self-protection course with an exorbitant price tag.

Psychic Nikki on the other hand is at least one real person, a sometimes actress named Nikki Pezaro. Self-proclaimed “Psychic to the Stars” Nikki has made a career of making wild predictions that never come true, possibly for nothing more than entertainment value and to get her “brand” known.

There are a number of other Psychic Nikki personalities on the internet, several of which seem to have accumulated a large number of consumer complaints on various scam reporting sites. There is the possibility that out there somewhere there is a legitimate psychic named Nikki doing business, but careful research will be required to separate her from the various scammers that pop up in any search engine query.

Always remember that any psychic, on-line or off that promises winning lottery numbers, magical rituals to clear curses and other forms of negative energies, is most assuredly fake. Psychics can’t read minds, summon lottery numbers out of thin air and do not believe in let alone perform magic or lift curses. A psychic cannot make a former lover fall back in love with you, or compel anyone to do anything in your behalf.