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Psychic MEDIUM: What ABILITIES & POWERS Does One Possess?

Most people make no distinction between psychics and mediums, but in truth the two abilities are very different.

Psychics use a variety of tools such as tarot cards, astrology and crystals to access and interpret the information that their psychic talent reveals to them in a reading. There is nothing wrong with this as most information from the world of spirit is not presented in straightforward ways. Psychics may claim several paranormal talents, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience among them. They do not as a rule claim the ability to speak to those who have passed on.

Mediums on the other hand are known primarily for being able to communicate with the dead, although a modern definition allows for the possibility of communication with other dimensions as well. Essentially, mediums facilitate communication between spiritual entities/the deceased and the living, bridging the two worlds.

A psychic medium is both a medium and a psychic, meaning that in addition to being able to communicate with “Spirit”, they also possess psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. They communicate more directly with spirit, usually not employing the stereotypical tools that psychics do.

In the public perception psychic mediums like John Edwards, Allison Dubois and the Long Island Medium herself, Theresa Caputo have greater credibility than the average psychic reader and receive more favorable press attention as a result.

The reason for the higher credibility may stem from the fact that most people in the world share the concept of an afterlife no matter what their religious affiliation may be. Even among the irreligious there seems to be a desire to believe that some part of us survives death. Given this fact, psychic mediums have the edge over psychics due to the source of their information. Psychic power on its own seems more amorphous and confounding; the idea of communicating with the dead more plausible and in its way, very comforting.

Psychic mediums may become aware of their abilities as young children. Many report their initial experiences were confusing and frightening to them, due to their young age. As they grow intellectually and physically they tend to be able to accept and develop their ability to communicate with spirits. Some may be so traumatized by early unpleasant experiences that they suppress their abilities altogether.

Other psychic mediums first recognize their abilities as adults; they may have experienced psychic powers as children, but it often takes reaching adulthood to fully understand the import of these events in their past, or to fully accept them. They will seek out information and if fortunate are able to connect with other psychic mediums that can help them refine and develop their natural abilities. There are many groups that exist for just this purpose, called psychic medium development circles or spirit circles.

Spirit circles optimally consist of seven or eight individuals who are like-minded on the type of mediumship they wish to develop, physical or mental. Although circles can be of smaller or larger numbers, this is the ideal, providing enough combined energy to do the work of the group. The group is led by a qualified psychic medium or at the very least by someone who has intensively studied mediumship and can guide the group through the unfoldment process. The circles are literally that, members sit in that configuration; each has a designated place that is maintained from session to session which is vital to establishing the group’s collective energy. Members meet at the same time and day each week. The energy work is accompanied by meditation and the study of mediumship and related subjects, which generally occurs outside of the circle ritual itself.

A medium psychic is a special breed among those with psychic abilities; to reach full potential both in and out of the spirit circle; hard work, dedication, persistence, focus and most of all patience is required.