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Psychic HEALING – Can a Medium Really Heal?

Psychic healing is known by several names, including spiritual healing, energy medicine, energy therapy, and energy healing. It is considered to be a form of alternative medicine or complimentary medicine, not part of the medical mainstream.

Basically psychic healing involves the healer attempting to repair a physical complaint in a client by channeling positive energy into the patient by various means. There are many forms of energy healing, some of which have been given more credence than others by the public.

One of these so called bio field energy methods is Qigong, an ancient Chinese form of healing that seeks to correct the flow of “Qi” (pronounced “chee”; a concept of life energy) throughout the body. Illness is considered to be caused by a blockage of Qi; injuries disrupt the normal flow, and must be corrected to promote natural healing. Qigong accomplishes this by a system of deep breathing that is believed to reestablish the body’s healthful balance of Qi.

Reiki is another popular form of energy healing which involves the placement of the healer’s hands on the patient’s body to facilitate the flow of Qi. There are two major schools, the Japanese, in which the placement of the palms is determined intuitively; and the American school which uses a system of predetermined hand placements. Reiki attempts to channel “universal energy” to correct problems with Qi (or ki in Japanese); reiki was developed in Japan in the 1920s.

Therapeutic touch operates on a similar belief of energy manipulation via the transfer of energy into a sufferer. Contrary to its name, it may or may not involve actually touching the patient, sometimes practitioners only place their hands near, or hovering over a patient’s body

All three of these methods have enjoyed public popularity, and have even been declared approved nursing intervention in some countries, but they also have their critics. Skeptics and those in mainstream medicine usually point to the lack of scientific proof of their efficacy, although anecdotal evidence shows that these methods in particular do work in at least some patients.

Other forms of energy healing that have not enjoyed quite the public acceptance of the aforementioned include distant healing, contact healing, spiritual and faith healing. Briefly, distant healing involves the practitioner channeling healing energy across sometimes vast distances by visualization of the patient in a state of perfect health; contact healing is a trademarked term for a system of meditation, breathing exercises combined with Qigong and Reiki methodologies. Spiritual healing is considered a non-denominational form of energy healing which requires no acceptance of a particular religious doctrine; faith healing involves laying on of hands and energy manipulation, but within a religious system of belief.

All of these forms of psychic healing have naturally met strong resistance and disparagement from mainstream medicine and scientists. The critics cite the “biological implausibility” of such practices and the lack of documental evidence of any actual, positive effects, and decry all energy and psychic healing as pseudo-science and pseudo-physics.

But it must be remembered that certain universal phenomena including gravity and magnetism are also unprovable in a strictly scientific sense. They just are; in spite of evidence to the contrary. Bees do indeed fly, even though their body structure defies the precepts of aerodynamics.

What mainstream medicine and science doesn’t fully comprehend is a human body’s capability for self-healing, which psychic healing methodologies may stimulate and facilitate. The power of the mind/body connection is little understood and not widely accepted by modern science and medicine and there seems to be little interest by both in exploring the possibilities that energy healing works by stimulating the mind’s power to affect the body in healing ways.