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Psychic EMPLOYMENT: Are You a Psychic? Find a Job Online!

Psychics usually become aware of their talent when young, and often don’t realize that their ability to channel spirit is not a universal talent; that everyone does not see, hear or feel the things they do. Sometimes, however, psychic sensitivity is late in presenting itself or the psychic sensitive has had to overcome psychological resistance to the reality of their ability.

Most psychics feel that they are called to do psychic work, summoned into service, so to speak, by spirit to help others. Some do their work on a part-time basis and for free; but a person with psychic ability has the same needs as the rest of us when it comes to keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. The fortunate are able to find psychic employment that fulfills their calling and provides a living.

A reputable psychic should be someone who not only as the ability to tune into the spirit world, but is empathetic as well. They must possess a genuine desire to help other people. A psychic should also have a strong commitment to ethical standards. Psychics must also be able to deal with people compassionately and professionally.

There is more than one way to enter the profession; some start out honing their ability by reading friends and family. Budding psychics often seek training in order to develop their gift more fully, and may work for a time with their teacher before striking out on their own. Some start a side business doing in-person readings out of their homes, depending on word of mouth from satisfied clients to expand their business. As their reputation becomes established, they can transition into broader areas of opportunity, including perhaps their own website.

Because of well publicized scams and scandals in the recent past, online and telephone psychics have a generally bad reputation. Too many unethical people have used these pathways as a way to make a quick and easy buck. The internet especially offers significant user anonymity, which makes it easier to perpetrate fraud on the unsuspecting. That the business is conducted at a distance also make it easier for the criminals to take advantage of people, both clients and their employees.

As with so much else out there on the world wide web, finding online employment is not simply filling out an application for the first psychic website or network that you find in a Google search. You must perform your due diligence and carefully research a potential employer just as anyone seeking work in a specific field elsewhere must do. While scammers of all stripes abound on the internet, there are also many ethical, reputable psychic businesses looking to hire qualified, experienced individuals.

Separating the genuine from the false can certainly be daunting, but there are ways to connect with high quality psychic employers. You have to be willing to research a psychic business the same way you should investigate any other source of potential employment.

Conduct your research of various websites and networks carefully. Read their policies regarding employment. Most reputable employers will have a stringent screening process in place, so that only the most qualified are hired for a limited number of openings.

If a potential employer makes the hiring process too easy and promises big bucks within days of signing on—be very wary. Be careful too of sites that tout “no experience necessary, we’ll train you.” While it is true that psychic talent can be developed and aptitude honed into skill, on the job training is a questionable way to accomplish that.

Reviews by clients are one source of information, but should not be relied on solely. The internet abounds with review sites for just about every category of service, including psychics. Check several.

Look for known scamming websites as part of your research, so that you can avoid dealing with them entirely. Also check with consumer protection websites and the Better Business Bureau. Don’t be disarmed if you find no mention of questionable psychic sites and phone networks there, as they rely on complaints filed, and many who’ve been ripped off are too embarrassed to take that step.