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LIVE Psychic: PHONE vs EMAIL vs CHAT vs TEXT Psychic Readings

There are a great many ways to secure a live psychic reading—that is a reading that is done in “real time” via various means of communication–with a psychic reader. These readings do not refer so much to actual in-person visits to psychics but rather those done remotely by use of phone call, online chat, e-mail and most recently, by text message to speak to a psychic live.

It used to be that you had to search out psychics at psychic fairs, individual advertisements and word of mouth. Since the start of the digital age, however, and even before that, more modern methods exist to obtain a psychic reading.

Phone Psychics

Live psychic readings by phone have been popular at least since the 1980s. In the case of a phone reading, an interested person dials into a phone number, and is ostensibly connected with a psychic consultant.

This method of obtaining a psychic reading was somewhat disgraced by rampant fraud that existed in the industry in the 1980s and 90s. Unsuspecting people called in to supposedly free psychic phone numbers or “psychic hotlines”. The victims waited on hold for long periods of time, and often were never even connected to their supposed reader.

These unfortunate people would later find their phone bill greatly inflated by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by toll charges to the “free” number, many of which were located in the Caribbean (809 area/country codes), where more expensive phone rates applied. Often victims were too embarrassed to report the fraud; yet enough did and as a result some bogus psychic phone lines were closed down and their operators fined or arrested for fraud. Consumer protection laws were created or amended to address these scams and control their proliferation.

Even now, psychic phone networks are viewed with suspicion. One problem with psychic phone readings in the digital age is that the supposed psychic on the phone could be typing information gained in the conversation into a search engine or a specialized marketing database and their reading based on the data provided. It is for this reason that all phone psychics should be approached with caution. Some things to keep in mind:

• A genuine phone psychic should need no more than your first name to do a reading and should not request any personal information. There is no need to provide age, birthdate and place, or where you are currently living.

• A genuine phone psychic will not mind test questions posed by you, the answers to which only you know. Frauds will avoid such tests and concentrate on drawing information out of you and telling you what you want to hear.

• Know up front the phone rates that apply to your phone call, and when these rates kick in during the course of the conversation. Free psychic readings by phone are usually at no charge for only the first couple of minutes. A genuine psychic will not mind discussing rates, which should be relatively low. Only pay five dollars a minute if you can afford that rate.

• Research, research, research. Before calling a psychic phone line—find out as much as you can about them. Ask friends who might have consulted these services themselves how satisfied they were with their readings and how much or little information they were required to give about themselves. Ask about the rates they were charged.

So what about Internet based psychic readings? Online live psychic readings can take several forms; psychic readings via email or internet chat are two of the most popular.

Email Psychic Readings

Just how do email psychic readings work? Can they really work?

Initiating an email psychic reading is not very different from sending an email to a friend or relative, except that you need to be focused on providing the psychic with well-formed questions about the issues for which you need guidance. The client should be focused on posing these questions as though writing a journal entry, giving careful consideration to each. You should, in return, receive a thoughtful insightful reply that is a live reading in written form.

Once again you should not have presented a great deal of personal information to the psychic either before the exchange or when you composed your original email.

While it may seem incomprehensible that an email psychic reading can be possible at all, let alone valuable, it should be noted that a legitimate psychic should be able to tune into your energy via email as easily as face-to-face or on the phone.

A great advantage to this method of receiving a reading is that you have a written record both of your questions and the reading itself (just remember to save the emails!) This latter is a luxury not possible on a phone psychic call—unless you’ve requested and the psychic has agreed to allow your phone call to be recorded (that is federal law in the U.S.!) The best one can hope for in an in-person reading is to be allowed to take notes.

Most generally a free psychic reading by email involves the exchange of one email each way, not a prolonged conversation. Many free email psychic readings will have a limit on the number of questions that may be asked.

Many email psychics do not offer a free psychic email reading, and will request pre-payment of any fees (via credit card or online payment services such as PayPal). In these cases a flat fee generally applies based on the number of questions. The psychic should advertise rates and when fees are to be paid in plain view on their website as well as the amount of time you will have to wait to receive your reading.

Online Psychic Chat

One form of psychic chat is a reading that is conducted between an individual psychic and a client using an online chat program which may or may not incorporate the use of a webcam. More commonly in the last few years a psychic chat has come to mean a reading that takes place in a chat room on a psychic website. The reading is conducted not unlike a phone or in-person reading.

A free online psychic chat may be used as a marketing method of drawing new clients to psychic services. It can also refer to the first few minutes (usually three) of a consultation, where you can talk to the psychic available or chosen before charges begin accumulating. Free psychic chat rooms usually are chat rooms where several clients can gather prior to their individual readings until the psychic presents him or her in the “room”. Having a psychic chat free of charge is somewhat rare in actual practice, although some psychics utilize these as a means to hone their skills, as well as to attract new clients.

Psychic Text

As the technology of mobile phones has advanced, the use of texting has become as popular as to have almost replaced mobile phone voice conversations. Texting has become so widespread that there has been serious attention paid to the practice posing real dangers to public safety. Given the explosion of texting as a means of communication, it should not be surprising that it is now possible to text a psychic and receive psychic text readings in return.

Psychic texts have been touted as a great way to receive discreet answers to texted questions delivered directly to your mobile phone. Most often, psychic text readings are initiated by sending a text to a number designated for the category of question being asked. One number is used for love/relationship advice, another for financial advice and so on. Within a designated period of time, the tester should expect a response via the same method. This is an attractive alternative to phone, online chat and email readings since almost everyone in the world seems to have their cell or smartphone in hand at all times.

If restraint is exercised, it may even be a more economical alternative to the other methods. Just remember that text charges accrue, though rates can vary, and are generally charged on both the question and the received response.

Is any one method of receiving psychic readings better than another? That is a question that has just about everything to do with the personality of the prospective psychic client. Some people believe only what they witness with their eyes, others believe that methods that don’t involve face-to-face contact are superior, since body language and facial expression information can’t influence a reading. Others just love the convenience of receiving a psychic email reading or a psychic text.

The best method of receiving a psychic reading is really the method that works best for you!