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Free Psychic LOVE Reading: Get Psychic Advice and Fix Your Relationship

One of our obsessions as a culture is finding a perfect mate. In our increasingly busy, fast paced world the time tested methods of meeting a romantic partner are often not available any longer. It is especially true that our mania for “social media” is actually taking over and making real physical social lives obsolete.

Many hopeful people consider going to a relationship psychic to get advice on finding a mate or improving their relationship with their current significant other. Some of these folks may think that a love psychic can “cast a love spell” and bring their intended into their lives; or somehow magically repair problems in existing relationships..

There are a few things that psychics are not, chief among them being they are not magicians or witches casting spells on other people. In fact, no reputable psychic will claim to be able to do any such thing. If one does, run away in the opposite direction!

Most psychics adhere to a system of ethical standards which preclude any idea of influencing another; they strongly believe in free will and that no one has a right to exert any control over the actions of another. Such activity is considered against the “divine order” of the universe.

So if psychics can’t cast love spells, what can they do?

A psychic performing a love psychic reading should be able to tune into you as an individual and perceive patterns in your life; but remember that control of your life is entirely in your hands.

A reputable psychic can help you examine past and present relationships and gain understanding and perspective about them. Working from a position of neutrality the psychic can intuit if a pattern of behavior or action is blocking certain possibilities in your life from happening. They do not and cannot cause love or a love object to come into your life; that is something you must do for yourself. You must be an active partner in any relationship work—or any aspect of your life—you must make things happen in your own life through your own efforts.

What a psychic can help with is giving insights; they can direct you towards “inner work” that you can do to bring better things into your life, including love. Again this is not casting spells, but working on your inner self to become proactive, confident and otherwise ready for a relationship. A soul mate psychic reading can help you identify characteristics you want and need in a prospective partner, and determine what you should work on within yourself to attract a potential soul mate.

This may include giving up old hurts and resentments from previous relationships; these are often our greatest barrier to finding new love. Once you have let go of the past you can build healthier and more positive relationships going forward.

Most psychics charge fees for their work; this is perfectly acceptable; this is how they make their living just like the rest of us must be in paid employment to survive. But it is possible to find psychics who will offer a free psychic love reading. This is particularly helpful in finding out if you and the psychic have rapport; and whether they are able to tune into you sufficiently for any further work you may pursue in the psychic realm.

Always remember to enter into a love psychic reading with no expectations and be open to what you hear. We humans often are our own worst enemies as the expectations we build in our minds rapidly turn unreasonable—without our even realizing. Be open, don’t go into a reading with an attitude of defiance or judgment; these negative emotions can destroy the effectiveness of any psychic reading.