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FREE ONLINE Psychic Reading: The Benefits of Getting Readings Online

The explosive growth of social media use has created a unique opportunity to receive free psychic readings online. On more and more social websites such as Facebook and Twitter psychics are offering a free psychic reading simply for liking or following them on the site.

Of course, with the large numbers of people actively using social media, not everyone who likes a Facebook psychic or follows their Twitter account will receive a free reading; but, liking or following someone is easy and folks will have a unique opportunity to get absolutely free psychic readings that they otherwise could not.

Many people do not even realize that there are psychic pages (or walls as they are called) on Facebook and other social media sites. Offers of psychic readings for free help create greater awareness of psychic services available on these popular websites.

While many Facebook users may have no interest in using a psychic, this scattershot approach is still an effective marketing strategy. This is why so many businesses, from huge corporations to the corner shop maintain a Facebook presence. A particular user may not need the product or service being offered, but planting the name in the consciousness of the community still reaps massive benefits at virtually no cost. The non- interested may have Facebook friends asking about psychics and be able to respond by saying “hey try these guys; they even give totally free psychic readings just for liking them!” That is the kind of word of mouth that corporations used to have to pay for with massive multi-focus marketing campaigns.

Of course, with millions of users the world over patronizing social media websites, not everyone who sees one of these offers will receive a free reading—usually the offers are limited to the first 5, 10 or 20 respondents, or be available for a limited amount of time (“for the next fifteen minutes…”). They will also very likely involve receiving the answer to one question, not a comprehensive, wide ranging psychic reading.

Most often the offers state up front how many questions are allowed, of what type (if the psychic specializes in relationship or job readings for example), and precisely what one needs to do to win and claim their free reading. Having the conditions stated up front creates awareness of the limited nature of the offer without adversely affecting user perceptions of the psychic making the offer. A good psychic will also specify other details such as the turnaround time for a question to be answered.

One side benefit to these offers is that quite often, one free offer spurs another from a different psychic—and this healthy competition allows the actual number of individual readings with an online psychic to grow exponentially.

This enables more people to experience psychic readings online and to know if this is something that suits them, with no financial risk. If the answer you receive to your question isn’t satisfying to you, provides you with no clarity, there is no buyers regret afterward. No harm no foul as they say in sports.

There are of course other benefits to receiving psychic readings online. These include:

• On any given day, the chances are good that somewhere on social media, a “free psychic reading” event is taking place. As noted above, the greater the number of offers, the greater chance one has to win a free reading.

• Because of the one question limit, turnaround is generally very quick. Response times vary of course, but often you can receive an answer within minutes or hours of originally posting your request to the free reading thread.

• Because of the worldwide popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, there is a greater chance to experience a variety of psychic specialists who may use astrology, tarot cards, angel cards, crystal, runes and even medium ship to answer your question.

• If you have just one burning question for a psychic, these reading events are a great way to make that connection. This is one great advantage to the one question limit. Of course those desiring a more thorough reading must understand these limitations and be prepared to pay for a full, comprehensive reading.

Along with benefits there are some drawbacks to free psychic readings on social media.

• A reading is not guaranteed. You may have to respond to a great many offers to win one chance at having your question answered. This can lead to a potentially dangerous drawback which follows.

• Dependency. It is too easy to become addicted to signing up for these free reading offers and to lose perspective. If you don’t win a reading on one Facebook psychic’s page, you are tempted to sign up for more and more in an attempt to score that elusive free reading—it is the thrill of the chase, somewhat akin to winning the lottery. But if your interest becomes obsessive, or you keep up this frantic activity after you’ve received more than one reading, you’re crossing into the danger zone—this is unhealthy and non-productive. It is often the first step into psychic dependency, which is an obsessive need for validation by a psychic of every action and thought. Avoid this at all costs.

• The experience of the psychic giving the reading can vary. Established psychics with good client bases may be less likely to offer social media free readings, you may connect with a relatively unexperienced psychic as easily as an old pro. Remember it is a free reading, and chalk any shortcomings up to experience.

• On Facebook especially, you must understand that the answer to your question will be posted in a public forum open to all Facebook users. The site does not allow individual page owners to contact fans directly. If privacy is important to you or your question is personal and sensitive, this is not a good method of getting a free psychic reading. A fan of a page can contact the page owner—make sure if you are asking a sensitive question to provide for this contingency.

There are some general tips regarding free social media psychic readings.

• Always leave feedback on the psychic’s page as a thank you for the reading.

• Remember it is incumbent on the questioner to follow up on the page to see if their question has been answered, not the other way around (remember that Facebook communication rule). Don’t try for a free reading if you can’t remember or don’t care to follow up with the page to obtain your reading. You’re wasting your time and that of the psychic reader and potentially denying a reading to someone who wants their reading enough to follow up conscientiously.

• If a reading isn’t to your liking, don’t send nasty emails or messages to the psychic, harass them or leave negative feedback. Shrug it off. It was free after all!