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CHEAP Psychic Reading: How Much Do Psychic Services Really Cost?

There are any number of ways to engage the services of a psychic in a reading. The best is a face to face session with a reputable local psychic. This method, however, is less likely to offer free or low cost readings, simply because a solo psychic has overhead expenses and is likely using their psychic abilities to make a living. There is nothing inherent wrong with that fact, almost all other uses of talent be they business, artistic, or literary in nature require an exchange of money and fees. Psychics are no different.

Other methods for obtaining readings include visiting websites, using “Psychic Chat rooms”, receiving email from a psychic, or telephoning a “Live” psychic telephone line. While use of these types of psychic services can be risky—there are authentic psychics to be found among them, just as there are insincere scammers. It takes research and effort to find reputable psychics anywhere.

Generally these types of psychic services are better able to offer cheap psychic readings, and even free psychic readings requiring no credit card. Overhead is less of a consideration in these cases, and very often a cheap psychic reading is a marketing strategy to draw in potential customers to the service. New psychics especially are known to offer a free psychic reading (no credit card) to first time clients both to establish their client base and hone their skills.

Free psychic readings are usually limited in duration. On phone and chat websites, a certain period of time might be allowed with a psychic, then a credit card number must be given for the session to go on longer. Online email-based psychic readings usually allow for one email to be sent and received each way before charges begin to accumulate.

There are varying rates as well in the industry; some psychic readers offer their services at $0.80 to a dollar a minute. The fees rise the better known a psychic website or an individual online or telephone psychic is. Fees also vary between various psychics, no matter the means of contact for reading, based on many factors.

One of the advantages of online, email and telephone readings is that the psychic will not be distracted by the physical appearance of a person seeking guidance, and the potential client has less reason to be nervous in the initial stages. A nervous state in the client can make readings difficult just the same as a case of nerves generally makes any activity harder. A calm mind and body are the best avenues to a successful reading. You may think it shouldn’t matter if you are nervous or not, but due to the limited time allowed with cheap or free psychics you are apt to receive more quality answers if you’re able to state your questions concisely, clearly and precisely.

Remember that psychics don’t “read minds” in the usual sense of that phrase. They do not know the actual thoughts flying across your mind, but rather they pick up (via intuition and from the questions you ask and answer) influences at work in your life.

So, how do you find a reputable but cheap psychic? There are many ways but essentially all involve that you to do your part in terms of research. There are review sites where those who have actually used a psychic service can report their experiences and testify to the quality of information imparted. These reviews will usually have fee information and opinions on whether the quality of the return justified the investment. Online psychic reading sites often have public chat rooms where it is possible to chat with other clients before opting for a reading. The psychic may even be available in the chat room to answer a few brief questions to help you decide if you wish to go further.

Always be suspicious of any psychic live, online or telephone who guarantees 100 percent accuracy of their readings—such a thing is not humanly possible. The spirit world often transmits information in symbolic, non-verbal ways that require interpretation. Any time interpretation is involved there is a risk of error.