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With so much fraud going on in the world (especially on the internet) how does someone wanting the most accurate and trustworthy psychic reading know where to begin? How can you locate the best psychic and be sure that he or she is giving real psychic readings?

The best way to insure accurate psychic readings is to do some serious homework before you attempt contracting for a reading.

There are many ways to locate psychic readers. Your hometown is a good place to start; many areas have a number of psychic readers available to consult. A face-to-face reading is generally the best and most accurate, nothing can beat that personal connection that is facilitated by being in the same room with your reader.

Some areas may be underserved by psychics however, in which case there are still opportunities available for arranging a reading. Phone readings are commonly done, as well as internet readings via email or live chat. Some psychics even offer video chats using webcams and Skype.

In all cases, to be assured of trusted psychic readings, you have to be willing to put some serious effort into researching available psychics and psychic services.

For in-person readings, websites like Yelp offer reviews from users along with location and contact information. You can also ask friends, family, coworkers, or the local psychic bookshop to help you find a trustworthy psychic in your area.

Local psychic fairs, where sensitives gather to showcase their services are another option; as is a spiritualist church if one exists in your area. These churches sometimes offer special days where readings are offered for free or at low cost and are open to the public, not just congregation members.

Finding sources for accurate psychic readings by phone and online can be a bit more problematic. Both of these methods of obtaining readings have been tainted by scams and scandals, and it can be difficult to get information about a particular psychic or service that is impartial and fair.

Review sites devoted to psychics abound, and these are a good place to start researching. It is always advisable to try to determine who is hosting the review site. If it is a division of the same psychic service or phone line that you are thinking about engaging, you will have to be willing to take reviews and testimonials with a grain of salt. They might be paid endorsements, or fabricated clients. For best results look for a psychic review website that is run independently of a particular online service or phone network.

Other good things to keep in mind:

• Be wary of free readings. There are authentic psychics who offer them, but when it comes to phone and online services, there are a greater number that use a few free minutes as a lure to continue a session where expensive phone or credit card charges kick in. Always know the terms of the reading in advance.

• If a phone or online psychic mentions a personal or family curse, hang up the phone or turn off the computer and walk away. Genuine psychics do not lift curses. Likewise if the psychic you are interviewing offers to cast spells and curses, they are not to be trusted. There are cultural groups that believe strongly in these of practices, but a witch, Bruno or shaman– not a psychic– is generally required to do the work in these belief systems.

• Search out phone networks and online companies that can demonstrate years of doing business. It is easy for anyone to set up a website, claim whatever they will, lure in a few customers and then vanish with their money a few weeks or months later.

• Be wary of any psychic who asks you too many questions. While psychics offering readings at a distance must request more information than those conducting in-person consultations, the questions should NOT revolve around personal and family details. A few initial inquiries to help build a connection should suffice; questions that continue without any information being offered in return are highly suspect.

Accurate psychic readings online and by phone are possible; but a potential client must exhibit discernment in their process of selection.