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What is NUMEROLOGY: The Truth Behind the Science of Numbers Exposed!

Numerology: Definition and History

Numerology goes back millennia, although the term itself only came into use in the early 1900s. The esoteric system is believed to trace back as far back as the ancient Babylonians and Greeks. Over the intervening centuries the practice evolved, synthesizing mystical traditions from The Vedas (India), The Book of the Dead (Ancient Egypt), The Circle of the Dead (China), the Hebrew Kabbalah.

Pythagoras (6th Century B.C.E.) of Greece and his followers were among the early mathematicians who believed the key to all knowledge was to be found in numbers and their manipulation. Many of these early mathematicians believed that it was possible to use numbers to quantify the universe and everything in it; they made no distinction between numerology as a mathematical process and numerology as a means of divination.

The early Christian tradition used numerology to see the divine in the world around them. St Augustine believed that numbers were a gift from the Almighty, a universal language that could be used to seek and confirm the truth of God’s Word.

Today, numerology is dismissed among the intelligentsia as part of the paranormal and occult.

Numerology Explanation

You may be asking yourself, what is numerology exactly?

The answer at its most basic is that it is a study of numbers and how their patterns influence events and their outcomes on both a universal and personal scale. Numerology as we understand it today is a divination tool not unlike astrology, cartomancy, and clairvoyance.

There are many systems of numerology found around the world; each seeking to make the world more comprehensible and offer guidance through the spiritual power of numbers.

Some systems assign mathematical meanings to letters of the alphabet, in order to analyze words and names for deeper meaning. Other numerology systems give fixed ordinal definitions and significance to numbers.

An intricate numerological tradition forms the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. In acupuncture, for example, the points (or meridians) on the body where needles are inserted are based on mystical number associations.

While the skeptical maintain that numbers have no magical powers and therefore cannot influence the course of a person’s life; believers feel that numerology can be used in many practical ways such as seeking the ideal career, finding love, improving relationships as well as offer insight into an individual’s true purpose in life.

Mainstream science completely dismisses the validity of numerology, using the word to disparage questionable theories; and yet, numerology has figured in at least one concrete, quantifiable scientific classification system.

The periodic table was developed after physicists noted the “coincidental resemblance of certain large numbers” (a fancy term for pattern?) expressed in the elements and their atomic weights. Calculations are supposed to support and prove theory; but the periodic table came about less because of mathematics than from recognizing repeating patterns in the numbers associated with each element.

Mathematical physicists remain fascinated by large number coincidences and continue to study them. The “Quantum Theory of Gravity” for example is the result of one physicist’s analysis of the numerological phenomenon.

How and Where to Learn Numerology

Whether viewed as a form of entertainment, or a mystical method of divination, there are many opportunities available to learn numerology and a variety of different systems to choose from.

The popularity of the New Age movement has resulted in a greater abundance of groups and individuals offering classes and courses in numerology and its application to divination. Instructional videos on numerology posted by various experts can be found in abundance on and other video-centric forums. Kabbalists offer training in the numerology of the ancient Hebrew mystical tradition including the importance of the numerological analysis of names.

Online courses are available in most of the numerological systems; some more budget friendly than others. Why not discover for yourself the value of numerology by finding a course of study that appeals to you? The key to your destiny awaits!