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Numerology READINGS: Uncover what Numbers Have Been Hiding from You

Numerology is the study of the “occult” significance of numbers. The word occult as used here is not something sinister as many people assume. Occult has other meanings, including:

• Secret or known only to an initiated few
• Hidden or something difficult to detect.
• Difficult to see or discern.

Medicine and astronomy are two disciplines which use “occult” in these alternative senses of the word on a regular basis. For example, an occult tumor is one that is difficult to detect; an asteroid that is occult is hidden during some part of its travel through space.

Numerology is certainly something that one must learn the process and interpretation of, so in that sense it is secret or known only to a few. Numerological values are not readily apparent as they are derived from other data; therefore they are somewhat hidden and difficult to detect or see at first glance.

Thus, numerology is a study of the hidden, difficult to see connotations of numbers; and how they affect us as human beings.

Unfortunately, the use of “occult” in the popular imagination tends to be associated the paranormal, voices from beyond and other unsettling phenomena. The knee jerk reaction is then to be frightened or put off by anything carrying the label.

Pejorative words such as these create the effect of closing minds, rather than opening them up to possibilities. We humans are very smug in our belief that we know everything there is to know and there is only one way to look at things; what treasures of knowledge do we ignore out of hand because they challenge our normal way of thinking? Are we really so advanced as a species that we have discovered everything there is to be discovered, that nothing else remains to be studied and explained?

More than one person has requested a numerology reading and been amazed at how well the resulting interpretation fits their personalities and life experiences. The skeptical will say that is because such readings are couched in such vague terms that they could apply to anyone. This is more than a little disingenuous; there are few if any words that are completely and utterly unique to any one individual, so obviously numerological interpretations will apply to a segment of society. This very fact means that they are inherently too specific to be applied to each and every person on earth.

Numerology simply posits that the date of one’s birth and one’s name hold significant influence over an individual’s life. Numerology translates non-numerical values like a name or a month of birth into the only true universal language human beings can lay claim to: numbers and mathematics.

The numbers that are hidden in a name or birthdate are considered significant by numerologists due to centuries of observation and refinement of methodology. They are believed to yield specific patterns in relation to reality.

Patterns are a way the human mind perceives the world; our brains are programmed to seek them out. We make sense of who we are and what we experience through the recognition of repeated events, characteristics and traits. When viewed from this perspective, numerology is really just another method for trying to broaden our understanding of the world around us and ourselves.

The only real way to test the validity of numerology or any other explanatory system is to experience it personally. Once we have tested something this way, we can accept or dismiss numerology, rather than merely following the common wisdom.

While there is no shortage of numerologists who work long hours to provide detailed interpretative reports, there are also resources available whereby the simply curious can test out a free numerology reading for them.

A few minutes of time spent querying a search engine will reveal many online websites which offer numerological reports at no charge. Most generally these are programs embedded in the sites which accept name and birth data, then generate not only the numbers but a report that explains their significance.

Before you dismiss numerology as so much absurd rubbish, why not experience a numerology reading free of charge? The results may astound you!