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NUMEROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Can Numbers Help Predict the Future or Not?

Numerology is the study of the patterns and properties of numbers and their effect on human life experiences and personality. The meanings and significance of numbers are derived using simple arithmetic, while the numbers themselves are said to be imbued with certain vibrations, resonance and by extension powerful influences.

Numerology is not intended for predicting the future at least directly although it has become popular in recent years for numerologist to make an annual global numerology prediction based on calendar year.

What Do Numbers Predict?

Numerology is in essence, primarily a personal study of the effects that certain significant numbers have on individuals who share those numbers; based on name and birthdate data. They can foretell the future only in terms of revealing the opportunities and obstacles that will be encountered during different life cycles. How an individual handles these highs and lows is still very much up to individual free will; therefore predicting exact events is largely impossible.

Predicting with numbers may not be able to uncover exactly who and when you will marry, but it can give insight into the kinds of people you will attract and what kinds of relationships you are likely to have with them. Based on the numerical designation derived from your full date of birth (month, day and year) numerological analysis can identify those you will relate to well and those you should avoid.

Your date of birth is unchanging and fixed; the number derived from it influences your life from cradle to grave. This is the basis of the most important number in personal numerology, the Life Path number. Like your date of birth, the Life Path number is immutable, forms the basis of personality and individual destiny.

Name numerology takes into account your name as given at birth, but it also recognizes the variability of names during one’s life. Marriage, adoption, choice of career may all result in changes away from birth name, numbers are derived from both given and customarily used names, as each may influence destiny. One way to improve one’s self and one’s future can be found in a name change; especially if your name numbers are considered unlucky or unbalanced.

The numerological significance of your full name results in the Expression number, the second most important number in the practice of numerology (revealing strengths and weaknesses, goals in life).

The consonants of the name result in the 3rd most important value: the Personality number (revealing the persona you present to the world and how you are perceived as a result).

The vowels of the full name are used to determine the Heart’s Desire number (the dominant motivation or passion of an individual is identified by this number).

The fifth most important number of the core five is the Birth Day number, which reveals the one talent that will have the most impact on life. This numerological designator is based solely on the one or two digit number that identifies the day you were born. Month and year are irrelevant in arriving at this number.

These core number are concerned with one aspect of an individual’s life; how these numbers interact with each other is the basis of numerological prediction. Numerology analyzes the interaction and extrapolates a possible numbers prediction of life destiny.

There are many means and methods by which you can explore free numerology predictions, both in the real world and on-line. You can learn numerology and how to produce your own numerology chart; you can consult with some numerologists on a free trial basis. The most popular way to access free numerology predictions is online.

Many websites that offer numerological, astrological and psychic services also offer embedded programs which calculate numerological core numbers and produce reports based on information entered by the user. Because they are free, they are not as nuanced as a professional paid numerological analysis can be, but they can serve as self-help tools to better identify who you really are and what motivates you.

Most importantly numerology can give you the information you need to forge your own destiny by better understanding yourself and who you were meant to be.