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Numerology NUMBERS: Know Yourself Better via Numbers

Numerology is the study of influences the date of our birth as well as our name has upon our personalities and our destiny. Numerology can be a very helpful tool in coming to understand yourself and your life, past present and future.

There are five numbers which are considered the key for unlocking the numerological mysteries of our lives. Each has a different derivation and also represents different aspects of our existence as human beings.

Life Path Number

The Life Path number is derived from your full birthdate, including month, day and year. It is the time code for your arrival on Earth, and is immutable and unchanging.

The Life Path number is the most important numerology number. As the name implies, this value is the roadmap of an individual’s pathway through the world; and it specifies how life’s events will unfold.

This number has great significance when it comes to the challenges and opportunities you will encounter along the way; your personality and character traits are also greatly influenced by the Life Path number. The Life path value determines the lessons you are destined to learn from life and holds great sway over how you will meet them.

Expression Number

The expression number, also called The Destiny number is derived from the numerical values of the letters in your full name.

The Expression number determines which abilities and talents; strengths and frailties were bestowed upon you at the moment of your birth. The Expression number also reveals your ultimate goal in life and is the rock upon which you can build your achievements.

Personality Number

The Personality number is derived from the numbers associated with the consonants in your name as given at birth.

More than any of the other numbers in numerology, the Personality number gives insight into how others view you; specifically as based on what you allow them to see and perceive. We are all actors when it comes to our social/professional interactions, we filter how much of ourselves to hide or reveal at any given time, and from whom; this number represents those aspects of ourselves we willingly share.

The Personality number is protective; it can shield the self from persons and occurrences which are antithetical to one’s inner nature, while welcoming those things that are most compatible with one’s spiritual essence.

Heart’s Desire Number

The number that influences an individual’s true motivations in life is derived solely from the vowels of the birth name.

The Heart’s desire number can be thought of as the inner flame of life; that which inspires and drives us forward. Often we aren’t altogether clear on what compels us to take the actions we do, or make the choices we make. The Heart’s Desire number can unlock that mystery for us.

Some may think of this as the True Love number, but that would be severely underestimating its influence. Love is part of this calculation, to be sure; but so too career and other relationships; this number influences nearly every aspect of life.

Vowels are softer sounds, and their numerology derivation is associated with that quiet part of our mind: the subconscious. It may be silent, but it also largely determines much of what we do and what we want.

Birth Day Number

The Birth Day number is literally that; it is calculated from the day of the month in which an individual was born. Month and year are not relevant to this number. If one is born in the 9th of any month the Birth Day number is always 9.

If any one number can be considered “my numerology number” the Birth Day number would be it. While not considered the most influential of the core numbers it is the most personal of all. The Birthday number reveals the skills an individual possesses as well as the challenges that are likely to be faced and surmounted. More than any other, the Birth Day number reveals the sum of YOU.