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NUMEROLOGY MEANINGS: More Insights on the Meaning of Numbers

The 18th century poet, Alexander Pope once said that “order is heaven’s first law”. Whether religious or not, most humans would agree that their worldview depends on this basic concept, that the universe, life and self are not merely products of chaos, but of a larger plan or system.

Numerology is based on the notion that the universe is ordered, and that most universal of languages, numbers, is our key to unlocking and understanding the systematic nature of all things.

Numerology meanings are derived from individual data, usually the month, day and year of birth and birth name, distilled down to numeric values. Numerology is based on the observation of patterns of numbers which uncannily seem to identify personal characteristics and life experiences amongst groups of people.

Almost everyone in today’s world knows their astrological birth sign and follows daily readings online or in newspapers without giving the validity of same a second thought. While numerology and astrology are quite different in approach, in essence the numerology meaning assigned to an individual’s key numbers is no different than the interpretations of daily influences based on astrological birth sign.

There are several different derivations of birth and name data which produce numbers that govern the various aspects of an individual’s life experience. In order of importance there are: Life Path Numbers, Expression, Personality, Hearts Desire and birth day numbers. Each is calculated from various aspects of birth and name data. These five numbers are considered the core numbers of an individual, each revealing characteristics and influences at work in their self and their life. Taken together these five values unlock the basic meaning of numerology.

What Do Numbers Mean?

The Life Path number is the most important of the five core numerology designators. Life Path is sometimes also referred to as the “destiny number”. Based on the full birth date (month, day and year), the Life path number identifies the traits and characteristics of an individual and also explains the influences at work in his or her life.

The Expression number is the key to the talents, strengths, weaknesses and life purpose. It is derived from the letters of the full name.

The Personality number comes from the consonants in your full name, translated into numerical values. This number is an indicator of the persona we present to the world, whose aspects we want the world to see and relate to. It is not necessarily the same as our personalities as they are; it is a number which reveals the perceptions of others, like a mask it is what we choose to present as our face. The Personality number filters our interpersonal relationships, shielding us from those influences that are incompatible with our true inner nature.

Heart’s Desire is derived from the vowels in your full name at birth. This number reveals our basic motivation in life, that unique passion which colors all our actions and decisions.

The Birth day number is calculated from the numerical date on which you were born regardless of month and year. Anyone born on a 10th day of any month shares characteristics with others sharing that date. This least significant number of the core five reveals innate skills and the inevitable obstacles that will be encountered in life.

How much validity should be placed in the meaning of numbers? That is very much a personal question, the answer to which should only be arrived at via personal experience. Skeptics will dismiss numerology and all it stands for, but try a free reading and see how much of yourself you find revealed in a personal numerology report.