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NUMEROLOGY LOVE: Should We Use Numerology to Find Love?

Love numerology is at its most basic the study of your compatibility with others based on the numerological analysis of your Life Path number.

Most of us are probably familiar with the concept of astrological compatibility and often people can identify what astrology sign is most (and least) likely to make a good romantic partner for them. Love Numerology is another method for determining which two people are likely to form a strong, positive, loving bond and which are not, based on the dominant personality traits exhibited by each individual number.

The Life Path number is the most important numerological designation used in calculating numerology for love. It is an immutable number based on your full birth date (month, day, and year) the Life Path number greatly influences individual personality and strongly impacts what we would call one’s ultimate destiny.

Numerologist have observed in over 4000 years of the study of numerical vibrations, that those who share a particular Life Path number also share personality and character traits, as well as natural inclinations. Based on millennia of analysis, numerologists have determined which Life Path numbers are the most compatible with each other number, designated by the numerals one through nine. Numerologists concerned with compatibility have been able to develop charts that reveal the likelihood of a particular pairing being successful in the long term.

The results of these observations have, in the digital age, given birth to the numerology love calculator. These are computerized programs embedded on many numerological, psychic and astrological websites. Users type in the full birth dates of themselves and their prospective partner. The program analyses the combination and produces a report detailing the individual Life path numbers and why or why not they are compatible.

The results of these reports should not be considered the final word on whether or not a relationship is doomed; never break up with a potential mate based solely on numerological analysis. results. Very few relationships are ideal in every aspect, and even those personalities that seem most likely to clash have been known to enjoy long term success . Conversely a pairing that seems guaranteed long term viability can fail for many reasons unrelated to numerological compatibility.

Once again, free will has a large impact on numerology love outcomes; if both partners are able to communicate, relate and make compromises, even the most disastrous compatibility combination can be transformed into the perfect match

Another use for numerology and the Life Path number is informed numerology dating. Life path numbers are a fairly good predictor of dating demeanor with each number apt to engage in personality driven behaviors.

For example, a woman dating a Life Path number 2 gentleman is likely to find that he is a courtly fellow with a strong romantic bent. He’ll bring flowers and show her the best time of her life. If he decides he isn’t interested in her, he will inform her respectfully and tactfully a day or two after their date.

A man dating a woman who is a Life Path 2 will a find a romantic soul, one who must be treated with tact and respect at all times. Once comfortable with him, she will, like her male counterpart, let nothing stand in the way of their happiness. Courtly gestures count, as does a confident and self-assured nature.

It must be noted that while dating behavior can be put on or tailored to the Life Path number of a prospective partner, sincerity will always win the day. Pretending to be something one is not in order to better appeal to the other person will ultimately fail. Being true to oneself, yet accommodating of the characteristics and personality of the intended date is always the best policy.

Numerology dating advice is meant to keep both participants on their best behavior and aware of the intricacies involved in dealing with another person, with an eye to possible intimacy later, not as a devious device adopted only to “score”.