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NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPE: How Does Your Horoscope in Numbers Look Like?

Most people are familiar with astrological horoscopes and whether true believers in astrology or not will consult a newspaper or website daily to see what their birth sign has in store for them. Less well known is the fact that you can also have a numerological horoscope prepared for you.

The word horoscope comes from the Greek words hoar and scoops, which translate as “observer of the hour of birth.” Because numerology places the same importance on date of birth as astrology, it is entirely proper to refer to a report generated from analysis of birth date as a numerology horoscope.

Numerology posits that the numbers that are derived from your name and date of birth have a profound influence on your life in the past, present and future. Numerology embraces the idea that cycles of influence exist throughout an individual’s life and that once you know what your numerology numbers are and what they mean, you can utilize information about these cycles to make decisions and execute specific actions. These in turn determine individual “destiny”.

Horoscope numerology is based on the numerological designation of a particular day in the year and the Life Path number of the individual seeking the reading. For example, January 15th is considered a “6” day (1+5=6). The day therefore is considered by the numerologist to exhibit certain characteristics based on the vibrational resonance of its numerological designation. The subject of the horoscope provides their full birthdate, which produces their Life Path number. The intersection of influence of these two numbers drives the numerology daily horoscope reading.

Numerological horoscopes can of course, be calculated to produce a report of the likely influences for a particular day, month, even a year.

The professional numerologist who prepares a personalized report for a client is able to produce a more nuanced horoscope numerology reading; he will factor in more of the intricate analysis based on numerological cycles and name numerology influences as well as the basic birth date data. Computerized programs available on some numerology websites tend to produce reports more similar to that “daily astrology horoscope” blurb that appears in newspapers, unsurprising since they are often limited in programming to just the date of birth information of an individual and the Life Path number profile. Since the computerized version is usually free and the professional report done for a fee, this is not unexpected.

The horoscope of numbers has been practiced for centuries in a number of numerological systems. In particular the Indian and Chinese types of numerology are greatly concerned with the concept of “luck” in association to numerological analysis.

Both of these systems put particular emphasis on whether or not the numbers derived from birth date and name are auspicious or not. Numbers perceived as unlucky are to be avoided; lucky numbers are sought after for everything from naming a baby (numerological analysis of the fortune or misfortune inherent in a particular potential name) to launching a new business or product line. In the latter instance, numerological analysis is performed on the date of incorporation or product debut.

The idea of numerological horoscopes has grown in popularity with the advent of the internet and the explosion of websites devoted to astrology, numerology and psychic readings. Although it has yet to attain the seemingly universal public awareness of astrological horoscopes, it is not unlikely that in the future, horoscope numerology may yet enjoy the unrestricted, widespread acceptance that its astrological counterpart has enjoyed for several decades.