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Numerology COMPATIBILITY: Scan Your Compatibility with other Numbers

Using numerology it is possible calculate your compatibility with others in matters of love and romance; although strictly speaking the actual compatibility factor is not a calculation but rather a comparison based on the important numerological values of each person involved..

A numerological analysis generates a chart not unlike those found in astrology which is also a useful and popular method for determining compatibility (based on astrological signs rather numbers). Numbers in different areas of the chart have differing significance which is also evaluated in a compatibility test.

While numerology compatibility and how it is derived may differ between the various schools of numerology in terms of which types of numbers (i.e. Life Path, Destiny, etc.) factor into the comparison; the numerological data is almost always based on both name and birthdate values.

One popular love compatibility test utilizes the Life Path, Destiny, Birthday and Balance numbers of each partner. Once these values have been calculated from name and natal day, it is possible from the personality and character traits thereby revealed to predict how likely it is that the pairing will succeed.

The numerology values are contrasted against each other and expressed in percentages of success of the potential match. These percentages are further translated into categories: ‘Very Compatible’, ‘Compatible’, ‘Neutral’, ‘Not Compatible’ for the sake of clarity and understanding.

Free numerology compatibility tests abound on the internet; many numerology sites offer embedded calculators into which names and birth dates are entered and the results revealed. Most include at least a limited form of interpretation beyond the categorization. Others offer more detailed explanations on-site, discussing the chances for various numerology combinations.

While numerology compatibility test numbers offer valuable insight and can predict many influences and obstacles, it is always possible that a pairing tending towards incompatibility can make a smashing success of their relationship. Compatibility numbers offer fairly precise information and suggest probabilities; however, they are not absolute.

Two very different and seemingly mismatched people can overcome the odds. Free will, the ability to compromise, respect for each other and the power of personality can always overthrow a predicted outcome, as can the strength of shared interests.

Conversely, relationships that tend toward a higher degree of compatibility are not guaranteed unqualified success. There many other factors which can drive two otherwise well matched people apart, including wildly differing or conflicting interests (i.e. passionate animal lover paired with avid hunter) and outside influences or circumstances. Free will again also factors in, especially if one person in the pair yearns for someone different from themselves when it comes to choosing a mate. As trite as the saying is, opposites do attract and sometimes last in spite off the odds against them. Numerology compatibility can, however, warn of potential problem areas that may be encountered along the path of true love.

Compatibility test numbers are not only useful in affairs of the heart, but friendships, partnerships and other types of platonic relationships as well. Insight gathered through numerological analysis can therefore benefit a user in many aspects of life.

Having a bit of fun with numerology is also permissible! There is at least on free numerology compatibility test on the internet (and probably many more) which allows a person to determine how well suited they would be paired with famous celebrities. Pull down menus categorized by gender list the names of actors, actresses, musicians and performers to choose from; the user enters in their own information, presses the button, and voila, their compatibility with say Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie is revealed.

Whether your goal is serious or you’d just like to see how well matched you are to your fantasy crush, search out a few of these fascinating online numerology love/compatibility tests and give them a try—you just might be amazed!