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Numerology CHART: A List of Free Numerology Charts Online

There are many calculations involved in producing a full numerological profile; there are many numbers of significance which highlight the influences on various aspects of life. A numerology chart is a report based on the numbers generated by your name, your date of birth and can be influenced somewhat by other data as well (as in names known by rather than given birth name, married name).

Some numerology reports give you limited information, highlighting just a few of the important numbers. Numerology charts on the other hand are more detailed, providing your numbers for some of the more obscure numerological designations. A chart also delineates Pinnacles, Challenges and cycles, all of which have great importance in the practice of numerology.

A numerology chart prepared by a professional numerologist is a very detailed report which exhaustively interprets the influences your numbers exert upon your life and personality. These charts can be quite long, thirty or more pages per report document are not uncommon. As with any professional service, a personal numerology chart carries a fee commensurate with the thoroughness of the document. A numerology chart prepared by a numerologist can actually be viewed as a blue print for personal change and enrichment.

So, is there such a thing as a free numerology report? There is; there are many websites on the internet which offer them free of charge with no strings attached. As might be expected, however, the information they provide is limited; to protect the value of a numerologist’s work.

Most free numerology charts are automated calculators into which an individual types their information. How much information requested and required varies, but virtually all will ask for your exact date of birth and your name. The calculator draws from its programming and data base, produces the numbers and short thumbnail interpretations based on them. The report provided is as accurate as if professionally done by a live numerologist, is just not as detailed. Where a numerologist can analyze in shades of grey; and present nuances of numerological influences, the automated readings are much more black and white.

If you are curious about numerology, a free chart is a safe way to familiarize yourself with the basics of the discipline; it can help you decide how much faith you are willing to place in a professional reading. If nothing else, the free chart can be considered entertaining as well as informational.

For the person looking for guidance along the crooked highway that is life; a professional reading will provide the roadmap which will ease you along your way.

Below is a list of websites which offer free numerology charts. This listing is by no means exhaustive or complete, think of them as guideposts to get you started on your quest.

Smart Horoscope dot com offers free tarot readings, astrological analysis, numerological charting, rune readings and as well as psychic consultations for a fee.


• Numerology Arts dot com is a site dedicated to numerology, offering an overview of the study, a blog as well as a shop.


• Numerology Stars dot BlogSpot dot com provides individuals a tutorial for doing the numerological calculations themselves; and one sentence interpretations for each of the resulting numbers.


• Seventh Live Path dot com provides free readings by email, ostensibly by a trained numerologist whose voluntary fee is stated as “buy me a cup of coffee”. The site also offers tutorials for doing your own calculations and explanations and interpretations of the important numbers.


• Token Rock dot com offers a free Life Path number reading, which also explains how the numbers are reached and separate pages of interpretations. This site also offers astrological analysis, operates a block and hosts a community for discussions.


Typing “free numerology chart” into your favorite search engine will reveal these and many, many more.