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Numerology CALCULATOR: Life Path Number Calculator Finally Explained

A numerology calculator is the formula by which the discipline of numerology arrives at the key numbers that control the destiny of everything existing in the universe. There are different calculation methods depending on the school of numerology involved, and the type of analysis that is being done. One of the most popular is the Life Path number analysis.

Western or Pythagorean Numerology: The Life Path & Destiny Calculator

The life path number calculator (also known as a destiny number) is derived from a subject’s date of birth. Birthdates have great significance in numerology just as they do in the closely allied discipline of astrology as they are the numerical representation of the point in time we each enter the physical world. Both numerologists and astrologists believe that the numbers of our natal day also set the pattern for the life that follows.

In numerology Life Path numbers are believed to control the types of opportunities that are available to an individual, as well as aspects of character and karma. This number is as fixed and unchanging as the date from which it is derived.

Pythagorean Numerologists believe that each person has three cycles in life (youth, mid-life and final) each of which consists of 28 years and four months. This period corresponds to the time it takes for the Progressed Moon of the Astrological chart to complete one full revolution.

An individual’s numerological life path is further broken down into Pinnacles and Challenges. There are four Pinnacles, which are significant changes and are likened to the four seasons: childhood (spring); youth (summer) middle age (autumn) and old age (winter). The length of the first Pinnacle period is the same as the first Life Cycle, 28 years and four months. Pinnacles two and three span nine years each, the fourth Pinnacle encompasses the rest the subject’s life.

The Three Challenges refer to the obstacles that will be faced along the Life Path, which represent karmic lessons which must be learned in order to fulfill one’s destiny. Two of the challenges are minor and the lessons they teach may be easy or hard. The third challenge is major and the ultimate lesson to be learned along the path of life.

Other Schools of Numerology & Calculators

The Indian numerology calculator deals less with the prediction of destiny as related to challenges and lessons fixed at birth than it does using the birthdate to identify the characteristics of personality and human traits, which in turn also affect one’s course in life.

Indian numerology is based on the concept that numbers have a particular “vibrational resonance”. The numbers derived from the date of one’s birth results and their vibrational frequency (like tuning a radio to a channel signal) form character as well as informing of obstacles and opportunities in the individual’s destiny. Indian numerology offers both insight and assistance in meeting challenges faced in life based on predetermined traits.

The Indian school of numerology concentrates on a Psychic Number and a Destiny number. The Psychic number controls one’s life until age 35 and is primarily concerned with its influence on personal character; the Destiny number applies after age 35 and gives insight into how you are seen by others.

Indian or Vedic numerology is based on a day starting at dawn, so a birth which takes place pre-dawn of that specific day will actually mean that for its purposes, the actual day of birth would be the day previous, no matter what one’s official birth certificate might say.

The Chaldean school of numerology is considered by many to be the most accurate and informative system of numerology calculation ever developed. As its name indicates it traces its origins back to ancient Babylon and is the original foundation of both the Vedic (Indian) and Hebrew-Kabbalah schools of numerology.

The Chaldean numerology calculator is based on the analysis of the energies generated by particular groupings of letters (names) and numbers (birthdate). The analyses of the symbols that make up a name represent the more personal aspects of a subject; the numbers represent the vibrations and tones of their “music”. Combined together in the Chaldean calculations, the numbers derived reveal the talents, ruling energies, cycles and purpose of the subject’s life. Insight into lessons to be learned, spiritual and physical development is also revealed.

While the Chaldean school is particularly helpful for personal insight, it is also a good calculator for auspicious days for important events such marriages, establishing partnerships, opening a business or launching a product.

Whichever numerology calculation analysis you desire, there are a number of websites on the internet which offer a free numerology calculator from one or several of the available schools. These embedded computer programs take all the work out of deriving the numbers and also offer at least limited interpretations. Try out a few and see how well they fit your life and personality!