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Numerology BIRTH DATE: Know Your Birth Date? Easily Find Your Number!

In numerology, there are some significant terms that those of us in the mainstream may consider equal to each other but which have different shades of meaning for the numerologist.

Birth Date and “birth day” are two terms which the average person uses interchangeably; yet to the numerologist the first term defines the first of two prime bits of information used to perform numerological calculations (name is the second), the other refers to one of the so-called “core” analysis numbers of the discipline.

Numerology Date of Birth

In numerology birthdate is considered a vital piece of the from which knowledge and insight flow.

An individual’s birthdate is of prime importance in numerology and is used for a number of calculations; alone and when paired with the equally significant birth name. Numerological parameters using full and partial information from both generate the all-important core numbers of birthdate numerology. Those governing values also applied to the pinnacles, challenges and cycles of the numerological chart which also influence life as experienced by an individual.

The most important calculation of date of birth numerology is that which identifies the Life Path number. This number is the most influential of in all of numerology; it affects the individual’s character, courses of action as well that trials that will be faced and opportunities presented along the way. It is the one core number which never changes; it represents the individual in his or her totality.

The Life Path number is calculated from the full date of birth, month day and year. The numbers representing the birthdate are distilled down to one digit by adding them together individually until a single number is reached.

Numerology Birthday

Birthday Numerology refers to one of the five core numerology numbers: the Birth Day number. This number isn’t calculated; instead the interpretation is directly linked to the one or two digits of the 31 possible days of the month on which an individual is born.

The month and year are not relevant to this analysis. All those born on a particular day of any month and any year are understood in numerology to share certain characteristics and talents. The Birth Day number gives insight into strengths and weaknesses; proficiencies and problems that must be overcome by the individual.

In Numerology birthday numbers are considered the least influential of all the core numbers even though they are the most specific and practical of the lot. Birth Day numbers identify the one crucial skill or talent that will aid a person their whole life through; while other core numbers cover larger forces and aspects that exert a much wider influence over any individual fate.

For example, those born on the 17th of an given month are said to have the gift of being able to see the whole of a concept, issue or situation, to not be distracted by details, but understand at the same time, how they figure in the larger scheme of things. This is a very good skill for business and career, but also is applicable on a broader basis in life.

The Birthday Number also provides insight into the types of challenges and pitfalls that are likely to rise up in the life of an individual born on that particular day of the month, which is especially useful in teaching us to be aware of potential problems, and how we may use our special gifts to cope with them.

Numerologists believe in an orderly universe, and in numbers being the most basic of human languages. Numbers are intrinsically orderly, by identifying patterns created by numbers in the universe; numerologists are convinced they can reveal the mysteries therein.