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NUMEROLOGY 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – What’s Your Number?

Numerology is the study of the vibrational resonance of numerals and the influences they exert on both the universe and the individual.

Numerology number designations are largely based on date of birth. Some specialized numbers, the Life Path, expression, personality, heart’s desire and birthday numbers are determined by different permutations of birth date and name data. These are considered the core numbers of numerology and each covers a particular aspect of the subject’s life.

Basic numerology is built primarily on birthdate results which are expressed in in ordinal numbers 1 through 9, plus two additional double numbers which have their own significance 10 and 11. Below, in abbreviated form are the governing characteristics of each number both good and bad.

Numerology 11

Number 11s are known for their energy and their intuition. Positive characteristics include: inspirational, dreamer, sensitive, considerate and understanding. Negative aspects are: misunderstood, withdrawn, lacking confidence, self-critical, self-conscious, and sometimes vindictive.

Numerology 10

Numerology 10 can be further reduced to numerology 1. In 10s the qualities of the 1 are heightened. Tens are known for being focused, ambitious, success driven, and are natural leaders. Negative aspects arise from these strong characteristics, including ruthlessness, domineering behavior, tyrannical.

Numerology 9

Numerology 9s are characterized by their humanitarian, idealistic, and creative natures. They are sophisticated yet selfless, giving and expressive. On the negative side Numerology 9s can be moody, egocentric, overly dramatic, unrealistic and fault finding.

Numerology 8

Number eights are ambitious, great thinkers, courageous, authoritative and influential. They are quite often very successful people. Some of the negative traits exhibited by this number include: arrogance, tendency to be controlling as well as detached or unavailable. They can be greedy, prone to being materialistic and textbook workaholics.

Numerology 7

Numerology 7s are logical and analytical; studious and knowledgeable; they can be intuitive as well as inventive. They are often introspective and reserved in behavior. Negatives associated with number 7s include: cynicism, being withdrawn, ego-centric, calculating, too analytical, distant, insensitive and distrusting.

Numerology 6

In numerology, 6s are protective, nurturing, responsible, well balanced, stable in mood and behavior, sympathetic and loving. Some negatives surrounding number 6s include: smothering, suffocating, tendency to be doormats, boring, too responsible and too protective. They may have Savior complexes and are often considered homebodies.

Numerology 5

Number 5s are known for being witty, adventurous and resourceful. They are expansive in personality, intensely curious, adaptable and visionary. Some of the negative aspects of number 5s include a tendency to be disorganized, rebellious, irresponsible and indiscriminate. They are characterized by being unstable and having addictive personalities. They are impatient and overly changeable in nature.

Numerology 4

Numerological number 4s are noteworthy for being traditional and practical. They are orderly, steady and helpful. They exhibit a great deal of self-discipline and perseverance. They are logical. Some of their less desirable qualities include: a tendency toward compulsiveness and perfectionism, they can be rude and moralistic. They are often boring and can be close-minded and neurotic.

Numerology 3

Number 3s evidence a high degree of optimism and are considered very sociable. They are artistic and creative; expressive and jolly; and very verbal. On the negative side of the scale: they can be overly talkative; sarcastic and scattered. They are often critical while being undisciplined themselves. They can be moody, unrealistic and are prone to showing off.

Numerology 2

2s in numerology are noted for being romantic and warm. They are adaptable, cooperative and diplomatic. They are often intuitive, peaceful and sensitive. Some of the less desirable traits 2s may display are: dishonesty, resentfulness, hyper-sensitivity. They may be withdrawn and easily offended. They tend to be self-deprecating, display tendencies toward being wimpy doormats.

Numerology 1

Numerological 1s are somewhat milder versions of number 10s. They are bold, independent and original. They are creative, ambitious and determined. They are also often pioneering in beliefs, actions and output. Some of the more negative aspects associated with number 1s include a tendency toward being self-centered, egotistical, and impatient. They are insensitive over-achievers, who can also be impulsive, controlling and even violent.

As noted above, these are abbreviated snapshots of the characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses of the individual numbers in numerology. There are many resources available for determining not only what numerology number dominates your life, but also exhaustive descriptions of aspects we’ve only briefly touched on.

See what numerology will reveal about you! Find your number today!