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NAME NUMEROLOGY: Find the Real Number Behind Your Name

Numerology is the study of numbers and the divine and mystical relationships between them and observed personal and universal events. Numerological traditions and practices vary worldwide with various systems placing different emphasis on the data from which significant numbers are derived. Many are calculated from birthdate, others from name and day of birth.

Your Name Is Your Destiny

In many systems of numerology name values are considered to hold the most profound influence over an individual’s destiny and the formation of character. According to numerological tradition, names are considered mathematically balanced or unbalanced; this determines the constructiveness or destructiveness of the individuals’ potential. The name numerology practiced by the Kabalarians (based on the mystical tradition of the Hebrew Kabbalah) holds forth the premise that one can change an unbalanced name to a balanced one and thereby improve destiny.

At its most basic this is a form of lucky name numerology; other systems including the Indian and Chinese numerologies place great significance on choosing auspicious names for children to secure their happiness and success in life.

In some countries it is considered just as important to give a new product or a commercial venture a strong, numerically balanced name as it is a child. Choosing a company or product name that will ensure success and prosperity is the focus of business name numerology.

Numerology By Names: How Does It Work?

Name numerology is concerned with deriving numerical values from names in order analyze the influence those numbers exert upon individual lives.

Some forms of name numerology focus only on the first and last names; others the full name (including any middle name); name used most frequently/best known by; or the name as it reads on an official birth certificate.

Whichever data is used, the letters of the name are assigned fixed numbers according to the order of the alphabet. Letters A through I correspond to the numbers one through nine; the 1-9 number assignment repeats for the next nine letters in alpha order and so on until all letters have been translated into numbers. These assignments and their resulting groupings under the nine ordinal numbers are considered fixed and unchanging. Charts that map the assignments are widely available in numerology instruction books, as well as at various locations online.

Once a name has been converted into numbers, these are then added together until a total is reached. The digits of the total are then added together and a resulting single number is thus derived; then used to determine the mathematical vibrational resonance of the name of the individual. Analysis based on tradition and the observation of the characteristics of those sharing the same name number is provided in a report or chart.

In addition to revealing information regarding character, ideal careers and impending challenges, name numerology compatibility with potential partners can also be determined as part of the analysis.

Compatibility is influenced by the location of derived numbers within the numerology chart, as well as the personal characteristics inherent in each number. Test programs are widely available online wherein the names (and sometimes birthdates) of a couple are entered, and a compatibility report is generated.

For most of us numerology for names is the most familiar numerological incarnation of the discipline. It can be a very enjoyable and enlightening experience to undergo name numerology analysis—it is uncanny how often we recognize ourselves in the resulting reports.

While skeptics may dismiss name numerology in particular and numerology in general as so much nonsense, anecdotal evidence would seem to offer evidence that could refute that assertion.

Try a name numerology analysis for yourself and see what you think!