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FREE NUMEROLOGY: Can One Get Free Numerology Readings Online?

Numerology refers to the study of numbers and their influence on individuals and events. Deriving numerical values from such data as birthdate; or by transcribing the letters of names into numbers, patterns are examined; yielding what some would call coincidences, but which believers place great faith in.

Securing the services of a numerologist can be an expensive proposition, especially for someone who is seeking to satisfy curiosity and determine if numerology is something they’d like to explore further. Fortunately, free numerology readings are available online.

Being free, these reports are not generated by professional numerologists, at least in most circumstances. Instead they are generated by numerology programs that are frequently embedded on websites devoted to numerology. Personal numerological services are usually also available on these sites, the free numerology report generated serves as a marketing tool to pique interest. The prevailing wisdom is that if you are intrigued enough by the free report on numerology, you’ll come back to the site and engage personal services on offer.

So, how does one get a report on their personal numerology free? It is as simple as bringing up “free numerology online” in your favorite search engine. A multitude of sites should appear in the results. Clicking on a few will give you some idea of the type of numerology being done (there are many different types of numerology, from various cultures in the world). Always read the instructions on these computerized programs carefully; most numerology will need your date of birth and your birth name, others may require further information for some of the more specific numbers. At no time should you be asked to enter payment information; if you encounter a site requiring this, back out and look at another.

The numerology report generator will ask for the information it needs, as noted above that is usually name and date of birth. Clicking enter will generate a report which derives results from the values of this data as calculated according to numerological principles.

As one might expect, some of these reports are quite short, giving you your important numbers and offering truncated versions of their interpretations. Others are more elaborate, but be advised that none will be quite as detailed as a report done by a professional numerologist, who will consider other data along with the basic name and date information to produce a more nuanced numerology reading. Professional reports can be in excess of 30 pages in length, often longer; these programmed reports are usually a few pages in length. Which is not to say they don’t give valuable information and insight, they do.

Numerology is less about mathematics and more about patterns to be found in numbers often called the “universal language” of the human species.

Numerologists through the centuries, from Pythagoras on down, have discovered that there are correlations between individuals and groups sharing the same numbers. Much like an astrology profile, numerology charts of people with specific numbers describe the characters, personalities, strengths and weaknesses held by the individual members. The more data requested, the more intricate and nuanced the numerology report can be.

Skeptics charge that numerology readings are vague enough they can fit anyone, which is not precisely true. Of course readings will fit a number of people who share the same important numerological designations—numerology is a study of patterns first and foremost. But not every report will be relevant to everyone in the population, any more than a chart developed in astrology for one sign will apply unchanged to another.

Is there any validity to numerology? Like most things in life that don’t fit into neat categories, that is a debatable question. The beauty of these free numerology reading generators as they can provide a useful introduction to the discipline. If you read your report and find it has no relevance to your life or personality, you’ve risked nothing. If your reading uncannily correlates to a great deal of your life and character and you are intrigued, you can explore the subject further.

Why not try a free numerology online reading for yourself today?