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ASTROLOGY NUMEROLOGY: Numerology and the Science of Stars

At first glance it would not seem that astrology and numerology are at all similar. The former looks to the planets and stars for the answers to questions about compatibility, career, self-knowledge and destiny. The latter is interested in answers to those same questions, but gets them by studying numbers, specifically their vibrational qualities, influences and patterns.

Numerology Astrology

In actual fact, astrology and numerology have a great deal in common. While they arrive at their answers and insights through different methods both esoteric disciplines are ultimately concerned with virtually the same data, (birthdates being the more obvious) and how star signs or numbers based on that information exert influence on individuals and events. Both disciplines posit an ordered universe which can be coaxed to reveal its secrets through dedicated study.

Astrology is a very complex system which relies heavily on mathematical calculations to map the movement of the heavenly bodies through the natal zodiac of an individual. Angles, degrees, aspects and phases are all important components of an accurate astrological chart. It can take years for an astrologist to become adept in their work. Numerology is a much simpler system the basics of which can be easily learned by the layman, yet to fully master the discipline and be able to produce highly detailed and accurate reports also requires years of study and practice.

Both numerology and astrology have, through millennia of observation, determined that humankind can be categorized into basic types. Astrology names these categories astrological (or zodiac) signs, based on birthdate, time, geographical location of birthplace. Astrology theorizes that people sharing the same sign of the zodiac exhibit some very distinct characteristics and personality traits. Numerology uses much of the same data to arrive at 9 ordinal numbers into which humans can be divided which have a high correlation of similarity in personality traits and character.

Astrology seeks not to predict the future as most people think, but to provide insight into the characteristics, frailties and strengths of individuals sharing the same zodiac sign. The object of numerology is not forecasting the future as is often assumed, but rather to identify those same traits, weaknesses, gifts and talents. Both astrology and numerology recognize that these aspects of an individual have the greatest influence on his or her ultimate destiny.

Both disciplines can infer a great deal about an individual’s future based on categorical observation, but it is very important to understand that both also embrace the concept of free will. The universal law of Free Will postulates that ultimately, an individual’s fate is in his or her own hands. Astrology and numerology identify the characteristics humans are born with and give insight into motivation and behavior. Both can also reveal the obstacles you are likely to face and point out which talents you possess to overcome them. But, at the end of the day, your actions and their consequences are generated by decisions you make yourself.

Astrology in Numerology

It is interesting to note that there is direct correlation between astrological signs and numerology numbers. For example, Aquarians are considered to the most unique and individualistic of the signs of the zodiac; they are often futurists and mystics. The astrological profile of an Aquarian fits perfectly with the Numerology Life Path number 4. Unsurprisingly, the numerological categories each find a mirror in the ruling planets and zodiac signs.

Rather than thinking of numerology and astrology as two separate tools for inner knowledge; it serves us well to consider how the two disciplines complement and balance each other out. A comprehensive reading that uses both methodologies becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

The astrology reading can add nuance and depth to a numerology reading. Numerology adds breadth to an astrological reading, especially through analysis based on birth name. It is, therefore fascinating to take an astrological natal chart and a full numerological analysis and compare them side by side. Invariably the information in one enhances, strengthens and supports the other.

For the most comprehensive analysis of what fate might have in store for you, think about having both an astrological reading and a numerological report done today. The results can be enlightening.