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LEARN ASTROLOGY: What is Astrology After All?

For well over 5000 years (probably stretching back even longer), astrology has had a hold on the human psyche in ways that most people still cannot fully comprehend.

One of the favorite studies of the Greeks and other ancients all those centuries ago, the truth of the matter is astrology has continued to indoor for a very real reason – it connects us with our past, present, and future in an easy to understand and incredibly identifiable way that just seems to “click” the moment that we dive into it.

However, there are certainly some out there that are at least a little bit wary about the power (and validity) of astrology. If you have been looking to jump headfirst into the world of astrology, either to learn astrology to better understand your own life or others or just to have a more well-rounded approach to life, hopefully you’ll find the answers included below to be useful.

There are a number of different astrological traditions all over the globe

Though most people (at least in the Western Hemisphere of the world) are more familiar with astrology as described by the ancient Greeks (linking up to different constellations depending upon when and where you were born), there are a number of other ancient astrological traditions in almost every culture found around the planet.

The Chinese have their very own form of astrology, the Indian people have a form of astrology known as Vedic astrology, and there are even instances of aged people like Aztecs, Mayans, and Native Americans in the United States that paid close attention to the alignment of the stars to better understand themselves and their world.

How exactly does astrology work?

It is a little bit difficult to describe to you 5000+ years of astrological history in such a short block of time, but hopefully this quick guide gives you a better understanding so that you can learn astrology moving forward.

The one interlinking thing that all different forms of astrology around the globe have in common is that they study the placement of the stars, a very specific alignment of that happens only when you are born, and then interrelates that to your life – past, present, and future – in a way that can be very revealing.

In fact, sometimes astrology is almost too revealing, to the point that some people avoid their own astrological readings at every and any opportunity – if only to “preserve the ending”.

Constellations play a major role in the ancient Greek form of astrology that has influenced modern astrology, but is also a real driver behind Vedic astrology as well.

The important thing for you to understand is that modern astrology is not the “hubbub” that you read each and every morning in your newspaper – that is literally the simplest form of astrology, and is almost always peddled by people that haven’t taken the time to understand or learn astrology in any real depth.

If you feel a real pull to learn what is astrology, how my astrology is different from others, or where you fit into the grand scheme of things, hopefully this serves as a stepping stone for you moving forward.