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ASTROLOGY TODAY: Should We Bother With Daily Astrology Predictions?

Imagine that you are with a group of colleagues at your workplace – perhaps you are enjoying a coffee together before a meeting – and someone brings up astrology. If your workplace is like many others, some of your work peeps will express incredulity that anyone could possibly take seriously what they see as a pseudo science at best. Others will admit that they read their daily horoscopes but totally for the fun of it, denying that they find any wisdom or solace there. And one or two or three people will proudly proclaim themselves as true believers. Astrology today is met with incredulity, passion, disinterest, seriousness and more.

ASTROLOGY CHART: Interested in Your Astrology Birth Chart, for Free?

What place do daily astrology predictions have in the modern world? The best answer to this question is that it has the place that you want it to have for you. Daily astrology chart readings can bring us a sense of stability and peace in a world where both are sometimes lacking. Whilst the science behind astrology is not universally settled, there are indisputable benefits to including astrology in our lives.

Make better decisions
We are continually confronted with decisions in our lives, some not so big, like whether we should go to that extraordinarily well reviewed movie on the weekend or head out for a hike that challenges us physically, and some gigantic, like whether we should apply for that new job or not. Reading an astrological chart can help us think about the big decisions in careful and logical ways that result in better outcomes.

Examine who you are as a person
Plugging into the world of astrology means that you have to examine who you are as a person. This is perhaps the most fruitful activity that is associated with including astrology in your decision making process. Why? Human beings tend to behave better and make more positive contributions to their families, friends, neighborhoods, villages, and cities when they think about how they behave and how their actions might affect themselves and others.

If you are reading your astrology forecasts, you are focused on what is about to unfold in your day and how you might respond positively to a variety of happenings.

Find joy
Most of us have lots of obligations to our families, friends, jobs and communities. Though we try to bring spontaneity and whimsy into our lives, it is difficult to find the time to do so. Setting aside some time every day to read your horoscope means that you are going to spend some time thinking about who you are and how your day is going to unfold; this special time might well become one of the favorite parts of your day, bringing you joy over time.

If you are open to the tenets that ground astrology as a science, it can bring meaning into your life. If you are closed to the idea that the stars and planets influence how we act and feel, you might not be changed by astrology, though you might enjoy exploring it.