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ASTROLOGY SIGNS: Discover the Signs behind the Science of Astrology

Though there are certainly still some out there who believe astrology is nothing more than a marketing war advertising gimmick used to sell newspapers, monthly subscriptions, and “fortunes” to those that are desperately clinging for any anchor in a world that is filled with change, turmoil, and upheaval, the truth is that our astrology is an ancient study that stretches back 5000 years or more.

While most of us associate the ancient Greeks with the first real conception and understanding of modern astrology (which is why we lean on the constellations that they discovered for our astrology signs today), the reality is that the Chinese and Indian people also have their own signs of astrology that may predate the Greeks by some 1000 years or more.

This can make things a little bit difficult when you are just looking to better interpret astrology signs, looking for some answers that you’re searching for amongst the stars, or just want to find out a little bit more about how the specific alignment of stars and other celestial bodies in your mode of birth has a transformative impact on your life – so hopefully the information below else you cut through the clutter.

What are astrology signs?

The real “backbone” of astrology, regardless of as tradition or form that you are researching, astrology signs act as the “signposts” for our lives – past, present, and future.

Always tied to specific alignments of stars (and in the Greek respect, many of the constellations that we are all familiar with), astrology is a way to interpret the heavens at the time of your birth to better understand who you are, what kind of talents or abilities you have been gifted with from the heavens, and where you may be headed in the future.

How do signs of astrology impact our lives?

This is where things begin to get a little bit confusing, as the water is more than a little bit “muddy”.

Some people have bastardized astrology in every way, shape, or form imaginable – turning it into some sort of “fortune cookie” that gets printed up in the daily newspaper or sent as a mass text. However, true astrology (any real interpretation of the signs of astrology) can help you better understand yourself in ways that you simply would not have been able to before.

For example, let’s take the astrology sign of Pisces. Those that are born underneath this specific sign show tendencies (not all the time, but far too often to be a coincidence) for taking care of others). It also reflects the honest, selfless, and caring nature of those that are born when Pisces is high in the sky.

At the exact same time, those that have been born under the sign of Aries demonstrate different personality traits completely. People born under Aries astrology signs are impetuous, spontaneous, fun, and exciting – though they can be a little bit selfish and scatterbrained.

And though this is only a “surface level” treatment of two of the more well-known signs of astrology, you can begin to extrapolate a tremendous amount of information from different astrology signs if you take the time to really understand, learn, and embrace this study.