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ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE: Understanding the Science of the Horoscope Wheel

Part of plugging into the science of astrology is learning about the planets and how they move, and how these movements have been interpreted throughout human history. Another part is learning about birth signs and how they are thought to influence the development of a human being, influencing how she thinks about herself, how she behaves and how she interacts with the planet and with other human beings in her life.

One important tool in astrology is the horoscope wheel. (If you just thought, “Horoscope wheel? Huh?”, fear not. Read on for an explanation.)

What is the horoscope wheel?
The horoscope wheel is a physical tool that is used to show how the planets and the signs interact with each other. A horoscope wheel uses the symbols of the planets and the signs to show where they fall in proximity to each other. If you have some experience in the world of astrology, you will know that astrologers use their accumulated knowledge and skills to create individualized charts for clients. Often, this chart is called a horoscope wheel.

What does it mean if I am a Leo or a Virgo or …?
If you are a Leo, it means that when you were born, the sun was in a constellation called Leo. If you are a Virgo, it means that the sun was in a constellation called Virgo when you were born. Each constellation is associated with conferring specific qualities to humans. Leos are said to be vain, for example, while Virgos are said to be just a tad uptight at times.

But why are the constellations – like Leo and Virgo – thought to have the power to confer these predilections? Throughout the ages, human beings have looked to the sky and how constellations move in relation to each other. Over time, different happenings were recorded when specific arrangements in the sky would fall into place. Verbal history and written history shows us how the movements of the stars and planets become linked with the likelihood of certain events happening.

Astrology marries the movements of the stars and planets with our birth dates, working to make predictions about our lives from these complex interactions.

Can I create my own astrology horoscope wheel?
Well, you could but… creating a horoscope wheel takes a lot of knowledge about astrology. It is generally agreed among those who are long-term students of astrology that it takes considerable time to build the level of skill and knowledge in the field necessary to bring a chart together.

To close
Astrology is considered hard science by its practitioners but not by the larger scientific field. It is an ancient art – reading the planets and stars as relevant to human beings and our thoughts, movements and desires. Only you can decide what you believe about astrology and whether you want to include it in your philosophy of life. You will find an abundance of sources of information about astrology online and at your local library.