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ASTROLOGY CHART: Interested in Your Astrology Birth Chart, for Free?

We are all totally curious about who we really are and how our lives might unfold. Right? (Right.) As human beings living on the planet Earth we are driven to explore our potential. The ancient art of astrology has guided human beings through self-exploration and life decisions for hundreds and hundreds of years. Have you ever read your astrology birth chart? If you haven’t you have an incredible experience before you.

Your free birth astrology chart

You can find your free astrology birth chart online. What would you learn if were to have a look at your unique birth chart? You would be able to see exactly where the relevant planets were when you were born, and what this means for your astrological reading – and much more.

An astrological birth chart will provide you with an analysis of your general personality and how you are predisposed to act toward others and in a variety of scenarios. You might find that you are destined to be a progressive egalitarian who will fight for equal rights for all. Or that you are predisposed to covet expensive and luxurious goods. Or that you just might end up living in a land faraway from your home.

For many of us, our astrological birth charts provide us with a kind of blueprint for our lives. We gather up all of our passion and wits and forge ahead in our lives, our astrological blueprint in our backpacks – always. If you want to push past your birth astrology chart and delve into astrology in a different way, you might want to check out your vedic astrology chart.

Your free vedic astrology chart

The first thing to write about vedic astrology is that the rough translation of the term “vedic astrology” is “the science of light”. How wonderful a description of astrology, that it brings us light courteous of a serious study of the stars that hang in the sky above us. How is vedric astrology different than other astrology?

Vedic astrology comes to us from India and is based on the ancient science of reading the stars as it evolved in that land. Karma – the belief that we live our current lives in a way that has been preordained by how we conducted ourselves in our past lives – is an integral tenet in vedric astrology.

If you are new to the idea of karma or to the idea of vedic astrology, you should know that millions of people in the West are plugging themselves into this intricate and ancient method of reading the planets and the stars. As is the case with a birth astrology chart, you need not dig deep in your modern wallet to pay for your vedric astrology chart – you will find many on offer for free online.

Living your life fully and freely while consulting astrology charts – from the East or the West – can being you peace and a feeling of purpose.