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FREE ANGEL CARD READINGS: Get Free Angel Card Readings Today

A wise man once said that there is “no such thing as a free lunch” and in many respects this is true. Most things in life that are offered for “free” usually come with strings attached.

When considering “free” products and services this is particularly true. Businesses want to impress upon you their skill or the functionality of the product they produce. Offering free samples is a time tested way of building a customer base and generating good will which will eventually result in increased sales.

The internet contains a mind boggling amount of advertising free this and free that—not unlike the brick and mortar businesses in your hometown. Internet interactions are not as straightforward as going into a local store, inspecting a product, looking the boss in the eye and making a judgment on whether or not you will choose to do business with the company. On the internet you must exercise a different standard of evaluating free offers.

With angel cards becoming all the rage in recent years, the internet has exploded with offers for free angel card readings. Psychic websites and phone networks have incorporated angel cards into their tool kits; other sites and individuals are exclusively devoted to this popular oracle card.

Many sites and readers claim to offer a free angel card reading in much the same way as any business does, they want you to try the service they offer and if pleased, return and explore more of that they have to offer. Some free readings of this type come with buying a book or a deck of angel cards; others are offered in a limited form, again as an enticement to explore the service more deeply.

Trying to find an angel card free reading with no strings attached is probably an ultimately futile endeavor. Most people are in business to make a living; it doesn’t make them untrustworthy or evil, and in the end we can’t begrudge someone using a talent to generate income. This is especially true in the tough economic times in which we all live.

The rapid evolution of technology in our digital age has, however, opened up new avenues for obtaining free online angel card readings. There are programs for computers and mobile “apps” for smartphones and tablet computers in development. Some of these may soon be downloadable for little or no cost.

Free online angel cards utilizing the same spreads as flesh and blood readers are cropping up on many angel card websites on the internet. Some of these embedded programs provide a virtual spread accompanied by an interpretation based on cards that are chosen by the visitor to the site. The visitor is requested to meditate a few moments before choosing cards by intuition from a “face-down” virtual deck array. Some of these interpretations are very detailed, especially those generated by the more complicated multi-card spreads.

Other free angel card programs are somewhat less detailed. They still offer the deck array, and cards are chosen in the same manner, but there is no spread per se; interpretation of meaning is left up to the visitor, based on shorter meanings/messages that are displayed on each card picked from the deck.

These virtual angel card readings are an excellent introduction to the angel card phenomenon. While some seekers may feel that the answers they receive via a human reader might offer more information and detail; it is just as probable that the entities of the angelic realm would come through just as clearly using these digital cards, maybe even more easily than when another person is involved.