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Angel CARDS MEANINGS: What do these Cards Actually Mean?

Angel Cards may take the form of the very popular angel themed oracle card decks; or they may be viewed more generically as the tool by which messages from one’s guardian angels are received, regardless of the particular oracle deck used.

Angel cards meanings are printed directly on the individual cards; this is their defining feature. The presence of these meanings determines the suitability of other oracle card decks being used as angel cards. Some decks provide full meanings; others feature only a few brief words. Virtually all angel card decks are distinguished by the positivity and optimism of these affirmations.

While some angel card decks include guidance sheets or booklets, experienced readers are quick to advise the neophyte that any message received must be interpreted using one’s own insight rather than relying solely on accompanying documentation. The point of angel card meanings is connecting with your personal guardians and guides; it is your intuition which facilitates the connection.

When purchasing an angel card deck, let instinct draw you to a specific deck, always choose the one that feels the most comfortable to you.

Once in physical possession of the deck it is important to handle each card respectfully and thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to play with them, shuffle and spread out the entire deck. Hold the cards next to your heart as you concentrate on your desire to receive angelic messages with their assistance.

It is absolutely essential that the person manipulating the cards always be the owner of the deck. In cartomancy, it is important that only one person handles a divination deck, as the cards become attuned to the user, and the user to the cards. Allowing another person to touch or use a deck of Angel Cards disrupts and damages this process; can cloud messages and sometimes prevent them from being received.

Keep in mind that Angel Card meanings are always subjective. Angel card readings require the questioner to prepare themselves and their environment to facilitate understanding of intended meanings.

The person desiring the reading should be calm and centered; a few minutes of meditation is strongly advised before commencing a reading. A self-reading should be done in a peaceful, quiet space free of distractions. Burning candles or incense, playing soft music, are encouraged, as long as they aid in the relaxation and focus of the subject. Being calm and relaxed is vital to entering a meditative, receptive state. Even when receiving a reading via phone or internet (chat/email) the preparation remains the same for the questioner.

The person receiving the reading should focus on opening up heart and mind to receive their angel’s communication. It is very helpful to ask your angels what they wish to tell you; this may be done in silent thought, or spoken aloud; whichever is more comfortable. When doing a self-reading, request your angels guide you in choosing the cards that will best convey their message for you.

During a reading the cards are shuffled until it feels right to stop. From one to three cards are then chosen and are laid out, message side out.

The angel cards meaning is interpreted by a careful study of the cards in the spread. While the guidance materials may be helpful in this process, remember also to be open to interpretation of the message by your own intuition. First thoughts and reactions are usually those best relied upon; have the confidence to trust, absorb and accept them.

It is important to understand that angel card meanings are not cut and dried dictates from beyond with one fixed interpretation for all seekers. Those wishing to communicate with their personal angels must commit effort and concentration to filtering these words of guidance and love through the lens of their own experiences and relating to them accordingly.