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Angel CARD READINGS: Finding Trustworthy Angel Card Readers

Angel card readings are part of the so-called “New Age” philosophy, a mid-20th Century Western spiritual movement that developed in response to the perceived constraints and exclusivity of traditional, organized religion. While many people in today’s world believe that the only way to be spiritual is to be religious in the time honored sense; New Age adherents strive to prove that there are, in fact, many non-religious paths to spirituality.

New Age philosophy embraces elements of metaphysics (parapsychology, numerology, astrology, divination) as well as those of psychology, self-help and healing; consciousness research and even quantum physics!

The use of tarot and other divination cards has been embraced by the new age movement, less for the occult aspects that have long been associated with card readings (cartomancy) than for the self-actualization and healing messages they can convey. This is especially true of the loving and gentle affirmations of the angel cards reading.

Mainstream psychological therapy has used similar decks of specialized cards as tool for focus, meditation and storytelling within the therapeutic process; the angel card phenomenon may be seen as a popularization of this borrowed concept. The cards offer up gentle messages of hope, love and encouragement which has struck a chord with the general public, even those who otherwise look askance at anything associated with new age philosophy.

Angel cards began– and still enjoy– great popularity in the form of physical card decks, but the angel cards reading has currently expanded well beyond the card decks themselves.

Today angel card readings are available at online websites, via direct e-mail, email newsletters, internet chat and telephone. Virtual angel cards are available on some sites which allow the curious to their own self-reading of the cards.

“My Angel Card Reading” ( offers a full range of services at one convenient online location. Those wanting to learn more about angel cards can find detailed information on what to expect during a reading; request a personal consultation from a certified angel cards reader, learn more about the various types of decks available, and sign up to receive a daily angel card email. Free (virtual) cards for self-readings are available as well.

As with many services on the internet, it is not easy to be sure just how trustworthy any particular website or individual angel card reader is. As with any form of divination offered online, it is in the best interests of those seeking angel card readers to research before committing themselves to an outlay of money. The philosophy behind angel cards one of healing, hope, love and self-actualization. While it seems particularly heinous that online scammers might use angel card readings for such unworthy ends, it can and does happen.

Certification courses for angel card readers is offered by Hay Publishing, a leading new age publishing company that also produces many new age books and a number angel card books and decks. The course was developed by one of the leading angel card designers and authors, Doreen Virtue who helped refine and popularize the angel card phenomenon. Finding an in-person or online angel card reader who has completed the course and can produce documentation is not an absolute guarantee of safety against scammers. But most con artists are not likely to have invested time or money in the course; readers who have completed the program are more likely to be able to give accurate and useful readings.

Protecting yourself from the unscrupulous requires extra due diligence. Look for review forums online; study existing comment threads and ask questions of other users. If you are on social media, request the opinions and recommendations of friends and followers who may have used angel card services. Scour on-line “fraud” sites and note the names (and URLS) of those online entities that have generated complaints. Remember to trust your instincts; as the old saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

One great option for finding the most trustworthy angel card reader is to obtain your own deck of angel cards and learn to do readings yourself. There are many books available with coordinating angel card decks. From there it only takes patience and perseverance to learn to communicate with your angelic guardians, and aside from the initial investment in the cards themselves self-reading is free.