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SCHOOLS OF ASTROLOGY: Discovering the Various Existing Types of Astrology

Astrology has been around in many cultures for centuries. Its evidence in the Western world dates back around 25,000 years ago. Recordings of the cycles of the moon, on which this type of astrology revolves around, were documented on the walls of cave men. Based on the coordination of the lineup of the planets andRead More

LOVE ASTROLOGY: Check the Compatibility with Your Loved One via Astrology

Trying to find the right person in a world that is filled with 7,000,000,000+ people is nowhere near as simple and straightforward as some would make it out to be. While Hollywood continues to tell us that we are going to find our soul mate in a tight geographical area if only we have someRead More

LEARN ASTROLOGY: What is Astrology After All?

For well over 5000 years (probably stretching back even longer), astrology has had a hold on the human psyche in ways that most people still cannot fully comprehend. One of the favorite studies of the Greeks and other ancients all those centuries ago, the truth of the matter is astrology has continued to indoor forRead More

ASTROLOGY SIGNS: Discover the Signs behind the Science of Astrology

Though there are certainly still some out there who believe astrology is nothing more than a marketing war advertising gimmick used to sell newspapers, monthly subscriptions, and “fortunes” to those that are desperately clinging for any anchor in a world that is filled with change, turmoil, and upheaval, the truth is that our astrology isRead More

ASTROLOGY READING: Can Astrology Readings Help You Unveil Your Future?

While modern tools and technologies have provided us with a tremendous amount of benefits that most people in human history simply could never have imagined – with more tools and technologies being produce on a regular basis that will push us just a bit further into the future – they also have robbed us ofRead More

ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE: Understanding the Science of the Horoscope Wheel

Part of plugging into the science of astrology is learning about the planets and how they move, and how these movements have been interpreted throughout human history. Another part is learning about birth signs and how they are thought to influence the development of a human being, influencing how she thinks about herself, how sheRead More

ASTROLOGY TODAY: Should We Bother With Daily Astrology Predictions?

Imagine that you are with a group of colleagues at your workplace – perhaps you are enjoying a coffee together before a meeting – and someone brings up astrology. If your workplace is like many others, some of your work peeps will express incredulity that anyone could possibly take seriously what they see as aRead More

ASTROLOGY CHART: Interested in Your Astrology Birth Chart, for Free?

We are all totally curious about who we really are and how our lives might unfold. Right? (Right.) As human beings living on the planet Earth we are driven to explore our potential. The ancient art of astrology has guided human beings through self-exploration and life decisions for hundreds and hundreds of years. Have youRead More

ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE: Do We Have to Buy or Download Astrology Software?

Astrology software is a hot item. Kundli, a fashionable piece of astrology software, has been downloaded a whopping 1.64 million times. That is a lot. This is just one example of astrology software that is being downloaded to computers across the land. But what is astrology software, exactly? Astrology Software If you want to knowRead More

ASTROLOGY PREDICTION: Should We Trust Free Astrology Predictions Online?

Life can be complicated. Most of us feel like we could occasionally use a little help making decisions. Do you rely, at least partly, on astrological predictions to help you to make some sense of your unique and occasionally confusing life? If so, you really want to be sure that the free astrological predictions youRead More

NUMEROLOGY PERSONALITY: Uncover Someone’s Personality Via Numbers

Much as astrological (or zodiac) signs are considered to be indicators of certain personality types, numerologically significant numbers serve as similar category designators. Just as someone born a Capricorn exhibits some similarities in disposition to others sharing that sign; those who share the same numerological numbers are found to have traits and characteristics in common.Read More

NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPE: How Does Your Horoscope in Numbers Look Like?

Most people are familiar with astrological horoscopes and whether true believers in astrology or not will consult a newspaper or website daily to see what their birth sign has in store for them. Less well known is the fact that you can also have a numerological horoscope prepared for you. The word horoscope comes fromRead More

ASTROLOGY NUMEROLOGY: Numerology and the Science of Stars

At first glance it would not seem that astrology and numerology are at all similar. The former looks to the planets and stars for the answers to questions about compatibility, career, self-knowledge and destiny. The latter is interested in answers to those same questions, but gets them by studying numbers, specifically their vibrational qualities, influencesRead More

NUMEROLOGY LOVE: Should We Use Numerology to Find Love?

Love numerology is at its most basic the study of your compatibility with others based on the numerological analysis of your Life Path number. Most of us are probably familiar with the concept of astrological compatibility and often people can identify what astrology sign is most (and least) likely to make a good romantic partnerRead More

NUMEROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Can Numbers Help Predict the Future or Not?

Numerology is the study of the patterns and properties of numbers and their effect on human life experiences and personality. The meanings and significance of numbers are derived using simple arithmetic, while the numbers themselves are said to be imbued with certain vibrations, resonance and by extension powerful influences. Numerology is not intended for predictingRead More

NUMEROLOGY 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – What’s Your Number?

Numerology is the study of the vibrational resonance of numerals and the influences they exert on both the universe and the individual. Numerology number designations are largely based on date of birth. Some specialized numbers, the Life Path, expression, personality, heart’s desire and birthday numbers are determined by different permutations of birth date and nameRead More

NUMEROLOGY TYPES: Discover the Different Kinds of Numerology

There are a number of different numerology types each of which may have its beginnings in the very earliest forms of numerology as developed several thousand years ago in Ancient Babylon, but which have been filtered through various cultural traditions. Indian Numerology The people of the Indian subcontinent have a system of numerology that isRead More

NUMEROLOGY MEANINGS: More Insights on the Meaning of Numbers

The 18th century poet, Alexander Pope once said that “order is heaven’s first law”. Whether religious or not, most humans would agree that their worldview depends on this basic concept, that the universe, life and self are not merely products of chaos, but of a larger plan or system. Numerology is based on the notionRead More

FREE NUMEROLOGY: Can One Get Free Numerology Readings Online?

Numerology refers to the study of numbers and their influence on individuals and events. Deriving numerical values from such data as birthdate; or by transcribing the letters of names into numbers, patterns are examined; yielding what some would call coincidences, but which believers place great faith in. Securing the services of a numerologist can beRead More

Numerology BIRTH DATE: Know Your Birth Date? Easily Find Your Number!

In numerology, there are some significant terms that those of us in the mainstream may consider equal to each other but which have different shades of meaning for the numerologist. Birth Date and “birth day” are two terms which the average person uses interchangeably; yet to the numerologist the first term defines the first ofRead More

Numerology CHART: A List of Free Numerology Charts Online

There are many calculations involved in producing a full numerological profile; there are many numbers of significance which highlight the influences on various aspects of life. A numerology chart is a report based on the numbers generated by your name, your date of birth and can be influenced somewhat by other data as well (asRead More

Numerology NUMBERS: Know Yourself Better via Numbers

Numerology is the study of influences the date of our birth as well as our name has upon our personalities and our destiny. Numerology can be a very helpful tool in coming to understand yourself and your life, past present and future. There are five numbers which are considered the key for unlocking the numerologicalRead More

Numerology READINGS: Uncover what Numbers Have Been Hiding from You

Numerology is the study of the “occult” significance of numbers. The word occult as used here is not something sinister as many people assume. Occult has other meanings, including: • Secret or known only to an initiated few • Hidden or something difficult to detect. • Difficult to see or discern. Medicine and astronomy areRead More

Numerology COMPATIBILITY: Scan Your Compatibility with other Numbers

Using numerology it is possible calculate your compatibility with others in matters of love and romance; although strictly speaking the actual compatibility factor is not a calculation but rather a comparison based on the important numerological values of each person involved.. A numerological analysis generates a chart not unlike those found in astrology which isRead More

NAME NUMEROLOGY: Find the Real Number Behind Your Name

Numerology is the study of numbers and the divine and mystical relationships between them and observed personal and universal events. Numerological traditions and practices vary worldwide with various systems placing different emphasis on the data from which significant numbers are derived. Many are calculated from birthdate, others from name and day of birth. Your NameRead More

Numerology CALCULATOR: Life Path Number Calculator Finally Explained

A numerology calculator is the formula by which the discipline of numerology arrives at the key numbers that control the destiny of everything existing in the universe. There are different calculation methods depending on the school of numerology involved, and the type of analysis that is being done. One of the most popular is theRead More

What is NUMEROLOGY: The Truth Behind the Science of Numbers Exposed!

Numerology: Definition and History Numerology goes back millennia, although the term itself only came into use in the early 1900s. The esoteric system is believed to trace back as far back as the ancient Babylonians and Greeks. Over the intervening centuries the practice evolved, synthesizing mystical traditions from The Vedas (India), The Book of theRead More

FREE ANGEL CARDS READINGS LOVE: Find Your Love via Angel Cards, for Free

The need for love is a basic human instinct, it drives us as individuals and as a species. Love even drives our economy, millions are spent yearly in the quest to find our soul mates. Dating services thrive; we seek to improve our attractiveness by changing our bodies, how we dress and present ourselves, butRead More

FREE ANGEL CARD READINGS: Get Free Angel Card Readings Today

A wise man once said that there is “no such thing as a free lunch” and in many respects this is true. Most things in life that are offered for “free” usually come with strings attached. When considering “free” products and services this is particularly true. Businesses want to impress upon you their skill orRead More

Angel CARD READINGS: Finding Trustworthy Angel Card Readers

Angel card readings are part of the so-called “New Age” philosophy, a mid-20th Century Western spiritual movement that developed in response to the perceived constraints and exclusivity of traditional, organized religion. While many people in today’s world believe that the only way to be spiritual is to be religious in the time honored sense; NewRead More

Angel CARDS MEANINGS: What do these Cards Actually Mean?

Angel Cards may take the form of the very popular angel themed oracle card decks; or they may be viewed more generically as the tool by which messages from one’s guardian angels are received, regardless of the particular oracle deck used. Angel cards meanings are printed directly on the individual cards; this is their definingRead More

Angel CARDS: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Angel Cards

For centuries, fortune tellers have utilized “cartomancy” in their work. Cartomancy, put into plain terms is the use of decks of cards to interpret or divine future events or to cast illumination on spiritual and occult “pathways”. Cartomancy can be performed using almost any deck of cards, including standard playing card decks. In fact aRead More

Psychic NETWORK REVIEWS: Discover Famous Psychics & Psychic Websites

There are a number of websites on the internet that are devoted to reviewing and evaluating psychic network services and psychic websites. Some of the most useful psychic reviews come from sites that combine both written reviews from actual psychic clients along with more objective information about features, such as minimum credit charges, cost perRead More

FREE ONLINE Psychic Reading: The Benefits of Getting Readings Online

The explosive growth of social media use has created a unique opportunity to receive free psychic readings online. On more and more social websites such as Facebook and Twitter psychics are offering a free psychic reading simply for liking or following them on the site. Of course, with the large numbers of people actively usingRead More

LIVE Psychic: PHONE vs EMAIL vs CHAT vs TEXT Psychic Readings

There are a great many ways to secure a live psychic reading—that is a reading that is done in “real time” via various means of communication–with a psychic reader. These readings do not refer so much to actual in-person visits to psychics but rather those done remotely by use of phone call, online chat, e-mailRead More

Psychic HELP: Finding Answers to Your Spiritual Questions

When you first decide to seek out psychic advice, it is very helpful to determine what sort of goal you are hoping to attain by consulting with a psychic. Are you looking to better understand recent events in your life related to love, money or work? Are you simply curious about psychic readings and wantRead More

Psychic TEST: It’s time to Test Your Inner Psychic Skills!

Throw a virtual rock at the internet and you’re apt to have it hit dozens if not hundreds of websites that offer an online psychic test, or several. Many of these tests are offered for free. But can you really test your psychic abilities by answering a few questions, viewing a few pictures/photos or guessingRead More


With so much fraud going on in the world (especially on the internet) how does someone wanting the most accurate and trustworthy psychic reading know where to begin? How can you locate the best psychic and be sure that he or she is giving real psychic readings? The best way to insure accurate psychic readingsRead More

Psychic EMPLOYMENT: Are You a Psychic? Find a Job Online!

Psychics usually become aware of their talent when young, and often don’t realize that their ability to channel spirit is not a universal talent; that everyone does not see, hear or feel the things they do. Sometimes, however, psychic sensitivity is late in presenting itself or the psychic sensitive has had to overcome psychological resistanceRead More

Psychic MEDIUM: What ABILITIES & POWERS Does One Possess?

Most people make no distinction between psychics and mediums, but in truth the two abilities are very different. Psychics use a variety of tools such as tarot cards, astrology and crystals to access and interpret the information that their psychic talent reveals to them in a reading. There is nothing wrong with this as mostRead More

Psychic PREDICTIONS: Psychic Predictions vs. Readings, Is There a Difference?

It is a widespread belief about psychics that they foretell the future. It is however, entirely possible to have a psychic reading that says nothing about specific coming events; and that lack is not a fatal one. Psychics work in the present in order to help you manage your future because of the concept ofRead More

Psychic READERS: Who are these People?

You’ve seen the ads on the internet, the late night commercials on television, all clamoring to get your attention—“Free Psychic Reader” and “ask a psychic” for guidance with your love and life. But who are psychic readers, really? If they are reputable, psychic readers should be gifted with psychic ability and a sense of creativeRead More

CHEAP Psychic Reading: How Much Do Psychic Services Really Cost?

There are any number of ways to engage the services of a psychic in a reading. The best is a face to face session with a reputable local psychic. This method, however, is less likely to offer free or low cost readings, simply because a solo psychic has overhead expenses and is likely using theirRead More

Free Psychic LOVE Reading: Get Psychic Advice and Fix Your Relationship

One of our obsessions as a culture is finding a perfect mate. In our increasingly busy, fast paced world the time tested methods of meeting a romantic partner are often not available any longer. It is especially true that our mania for “social media” is actually taking over and making real physical social lives obsolete.Read More

Psychic HEALING – Can a Medium Really Heal?

Psychic healing is known by several names, including spiritual healing, energy medicine, energy therapy, and energy healing. It is considered to be a form of alternative medicine or complimentary medicine, not part of the medical mainstream. Basically psychic healing involves the healer attempting to repair a physical complaint in a client by channeling positive energyRead More

What Are Psychic Readings?

We’ve all seen them on TV and in the movies—psychics giving readings to clients, helping them communicate with friends and relatives who have passed; giving advice and guidance—but relatively few of us have probably had direct contact with a psychic or had a reading ourselves. Basically psychic readings are what the ancients knew as divinationRead More

Tarot READER: Where to Find Good Tarot Readers Online?

Good tarot readers are one of the most sought after folks on the planet. People are in need of their services for obvious reasons – they want to solve their personal spiritual issues and cannot longer rely on the advice or help provided by doctors, psychologists, hypnotherapist, family members or any other counselors out there.Read More

Tarot DECKS: The Mystery behind Buying the Famous Tarot Deck

There are quite a few tarot decks for sale out there. Wait; there are hundreds of tarot card decks. No, stop! There are even thousands of different decks for tarot reading available for purchase both online and in your local mystical shop. So which one should you choose? Which one should you buy? Why isRead More

Tarot Card MEANINGS: The Secret behind Tarot Card Interpretations

The real meaning of tarot cards has always been subject of misinterpretation, debate and false alarms. Even though many years of practice and psychic ability improvement is indeed required, there are several basic connotations of each tarot card that everyone looking forward to learning more about tarot should be aware of. That’s something you simplyRead More

Tarot SPREADS: Love, Relationship, Celtic Cross and More Free Spreads

The secret of a truly insightful tarot card reading experience that may reveal interesting aspects of the reality which surrounds you lies in properly choosing the tarot spreads to work with. Today I’m going to introduce our readers to the most common tarot card spreads. Let’s hope this will help you get started on thisRead More

Tarot CARDS: What Are These, How To Read and Where To Buy Them?

For most people, tarot cards are still unveiled with mystery. It’s a well known fact that only a few of us have taken the time to actually learn more about the history of playing cards in general. Nevertheless, if anyone reading this is interested in mastering the art of tarot card reading or just wantsRead More

Tarot HOROSCOPE: Find Out A New Horoscope Angle With Tarot Cards

It is a well known fact that being aware of your horoscope for any particular day via tarot card readings can dramatically enhance your consciousness, improve your decision making, no matter if you are dealing with love, business, financial or health issues. That’s basically the main reason why millions of people all over the planetRead More

DAILY Tarot Reading: Want to Uncover Your Tarot Reading for Today?

Each day starts differently, each day brings us something unique, something new. Fortune telling is indeed really sought after by most individuals, but unfortunately, what people don’t understand is that we have our right to free choice, the same exact right which can easily destroy everything that has been promised to happen and create totallyRead More

BEST Virtual Tarot Reading: Phone, Chat, Email or Text Messaging?

People seek to get the most for their buck when it comes to tarot reading. No one wants to spend their money on low quality services which end up being a total waste of time in the long run. I’ve already explained how to avoid fakes. Today my goal is to share some light onRead More

Tarot LIVE: Get Instant Access to LIVE Readings from Real Psychics

Live tarot reading is the most sought after psychic reading these days. The experience is unique not only because you are dealing with a medium in real time, but also because there is no delay in revealing answers for your questions. An expert tarot reader who possesses psychic abilities will always make use of hisRead More

Free LOVE Tarot Reading: Click Here to Find the True LOVE of Your Life

It is well known that we cannot live without harmony in our hearts; we cannot find peace without the chosen soul mate next to us. For some people and entities, this comes unexpectedly fast and quite easy, where for others it requires time, pain, suffering, struggling and a lot of research. That’s the main reasonRead More

FREE Tarot Reading Online: Are FREE Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

You will be blown away to discover how many people are actually looking, every single day of the week, for free tarot reading online. According to New York Times, around 20.000 searches per hour occur from people who want a real tarot psychic to tell them more about their future or love life, totally freeRead More

What is Tarot Card Reading? Real vs. Cheap vs. Fake Tarot Online

Tarot reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings that mediums and clairvoyants practice nowadays. The history of these cards dates back from Europe’s 15th century. At the beginning, they were used for game and entertainment purposes only. Psychic tarot readings gained popularity later though, in the 18th and 19th century andRead More